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Our photographer Todd Balfour captured the diverse joys of Fall Family Weekend, from pumpkin carving to victories for the Panthers.

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Homecoming 2012

We'd like to welcome parents back to campus for Homecoming on October 19-21.

Whether you missed Fall Family Weekend or just want to return to Middlebury, we've prepared a great weekend for you!

Learn more about Homecoming.

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Ron on Middlebury
One Dean's View

A Family Affair

  Middlebury welcomed a record 1,500 guests to Fall Family Weekend on October 10 to 13 with lectures, campus tours, athletic events, music and dance, brilliant autumn foliage, and lots of cider and donuts. We hope that you'll enjoy the sights, and sounds of the weekend that we've collected for you right here.

Click on the slideshow below to replay some highlights, from quiet moments to cheering crowds!

Principal photography by Todd Balfour. Additional photography by Lisa Gorin P’16. Video is best viewed in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Weekend Journal

We hope that you could make it to Middlebury. If not, we missed you! In either case, we invite you to discover more about the College through the multimedia on this page. Watch engaging talks, hear other parents reflect on their "ah-ha" moments in the classroom, and browse our stunning photos of families exploring all the College has to offer.

President Liebowitz's Talk

Redefining the Liberal Arts College for the 21st Century

President Ronald D. Liebowitz provides updates on Middlebury today and insights into how the College keeps the liberal arts relevant in the face of current global challenges. President Liebowitz also responds to your stimulating questions about Middlebury.

Click here to watch the video.

Parent Poll

Most Enlightening: The Parent Poll

On Friday, parents and other family members got a taste of the rigorous (but usually entertaining) academics at Middlebury by joining their students in the classrooms.
Last year, our Parent Poll asked what you brought your student from home, but this year, we quizzed parents about what they learned in class. We give high marks to their answers.

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Study Abroad Q&A

Middlebury Students Go Far

Studying abroad opens a scholar's mind and world. The C.V. Starr program in particular facilitates immersion into another culture that will serve a student for the whole of his or her life.

Acting Dean of International Programs Paul Monod describes the benefits of studying abroad and addresses parent questions about how the various programs can work for your student.

Click here to watch Monod's talk.

Panther Pride

Friends and family brought good luck to Middlebury's athletic teams for an undefeated run in all their gripping games on Saturday, the same day that the Directors' Cup was officially awarded to Coach Quinn and to the College. Read more about this honor.

Follow your favorite teams at Middlebury Athletics or in the sports section of the student newspaper, The Middlebury Campus online. Keep on cheering!