At Middlebury College, residential housing is based on the philosophy that students work together with their room, hall and dorm mates, to create a safe and supportive living and learning environment.  Living on campus is a core part of the Middlebury experience. 

Residential Life and Housing coordinates housing placements and room draw processes for all students throughout the academic year. Click on a link at left for more information about student housing at Middlebury.

First-Year and Sophomore Year:

Students generally reside within their Commons communities.  

  • Atwater: 
    First Year: Allen and Coffrin
    Sophomore: Coffrin
  • Brainerd:
    First Year: Stewart
    Sophomore: Hepburn
  • Cook: 
    First Year: Battell Center and North
    Sophomore: Pearsons and Forest West
  • Ross:
    First Year: Hadley
    Sophomore: Milliken
  • Wonnacott:
    First Year: Battell Center and South
    Sophomore: Gifford
Junior and Senior Year:

Students may choose from the range of housing options available to them across campus:

  • Language Houses 
    Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Special Interest Houses 
    Outdoor Interest, Intercultural, Queer Studies, Food Studies, Sustainable Design
  • Superblocks 
    Single year theme houses based on a common hobby, interest, or life-style
  • Social Houses
    KDR, Mill, Tavern, Xenia
  • Online Room Draw
    A wide variety of singles, doubles, suites, apartments and small houses are available for Juniors and Seniors through the online Room Draw.
  • Off Campus Housing 
    A limited number of seniors may apply to live off-campus in the local community.