Prayer for My Parents Dropping Me Off at College


May you see me in your mirror

as you drive away.

May you know who I am.

As you know where I’ve been.

May you save my room for the days

I’ll be home, for the guest I’m becoming.

May you see me studying

in the heart of the library.

Sometimes I can tell you I plan

Not to study. Isn’t the heart

Its own study?

May we still be party to each other.

You know I know how to party

And parting is no Southern Comfort.

May you turn to each other

For comfort. It’s hard to be comfortable.

May I drive the convertible,

When I walk down the driveway

In May? Maybe you couldn’t tell

I’ve learned how to pray any day

I might want to and I can’t tell you

Everything. Maybe we’ll survive

A low grade and the play I’m not

Called back for, the team I don’t

Make.  Maybe I’ll fall

In love, with whomever I see

In the mirror, that shadow walking

By my new door.

Maybe I’ll call you later,

When all my mays

And the Force is with you.


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