Student Religious Organizations

While Middlebury has never had any official affiliation with any particular religion, it is a place where most of the world's spiritual traditions are represented—often in the form of a lively student organization.

Student Religious Organizations are registered with the Center for Campus Activities and Leadership. They have filed formal constitutions and submitted budgets to the Finance Committee.  Officers and contact people for these organizations are listed in the College Directory. New groups occasionally emerge; please contact the Chaplain’s Office if you are interested in forming a new group.

We list all the currently active student religious organizations below, with a brief description of the group, a contact person, and a link to the group's website (if they have one).  Just click on the group name, and the information will open up; click the name again to close it.

Obviously not every faith community is currently represented.  If you would like help finding representatives of faith communities and resources which are not listed, please contact the Office of the Chaplain at 443-5626 and we will do our best to address your concerns.

Religious Life Council

The Religious Life Council brings together the leaders of all student religious groups on campus for shared programming, conversation, and friendship.  The group works with the Chaplain’s Office to oversee religious life on campus, to advise the Chaplains, to facilitate communication and cooperation between student religious organizations, and offer speakers and events on spiritual and religious topics.

The Religious Life Council works to create a framework that allows students who value the life of the spirit to join together as a force on campus, within the context of their differing faiths, to effectively address the moral issues which face them and their peers.  If you are interested in learning more about the Religious Life Council, contact the Office of the Chaplain, Hathaway House, extension 5626.  Or email Ellen McKay, Program Coordinator, at emckay@middlebury.edu


Buddhist Society

To provide members of the Buddhist faith community, as well as people interested in Buddhist philosophy, with an outlet that enables them to safely discuss Buddhism and its relevance to their lives and to Middlebury in a group setting.

Anis Mebarki '15 and Matt Spitzer '16, buddhists@middlebury.edu


Christian Orthodox Association

The Christian Orthodox Association connects the Christian Orthodox students of Middlebury College with their tradition by enabling them to celebrate regular liturgies on campus, to hold spiritual discussions, and to pay regular visits to Orthodox churches and monasteries in New England. 

Contact Masha Lafen '15, or coa@middlebury.edu

Christian Science Organization

The Christian Science Organization offers the College Community the opportunity to learn about Christian Science.  They hold regular meetings for reading, testimony, and discussion.  They sponsor Christian Science lectures and support the spiritual growth of individual members.  The Christian Science Organization welcomes students and members of the College community who are interested in sharing and growing in Christian Science or simply learning more about it. 

Contact The Chaplain's Office at ext. 5626 csorg@middlebury.edu

Hindu Student Association

diwali group

Middlebury’s Hindu Student Association (HSA) seeks to provide a venue for students to explore the world’s oldest surviving religion and the cultures associated with it. Aside from examining ancient religious texts and hosting illuminating film screenings, we plan events in celebration of major holidays in order to impart a better understanding of Hindu traditions to the Middlebury community.

Contact Nidhi Malik '16, President, hsa@middlebury.edu




Hillel is a social and cultural, as well as religious, organization committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism that embraces all movements.  Hillel provides leadership opportunities for developing Jewish life and identity on campus.  The organization holds a weekly lunchtime business meeting and conducts a weekly Friday evening Shabbat service and dinner in Freeman International Center.

Click here for Hillel's blog.

Contact David Yedid '15 and Rachel Dicker '14, Co-Presidents, hillel@middlebury.edu

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

IVCF provides worship and small group experiences to support the personal discipleship of Christian students on campus.  They sponsor study groups, prayer groups, visiting lecturers and opportunities for service to the wider community.  The purpose of this club is to engage the campus with the gospel, to help students find a personal relationship with God, to develop the faith of the members, and to bring related programs to campus.  The Fellowship also welcomes students who want to learn more about the Christian faith in the context of a believing community.

Contact Joyce Ma '14, President, cf@middlebury.edu

Islamic Society of Middlebury College


Eid group

The Islamic Society of Middlebury College (ISMC) was founded to provide a forum for people interested in Islam and Islamic issues.  Simultaneously, the Society is intended to create a conducive environment for all the Muslim students at Middlebury College to practice and maintain their religion.

Contact Mariam Khan '16 and Marium Azam Sultan '16, Co-Presidents,  islamic@middlebury.edu

Latter-Day Saints Student Association

The Latter-Day Saints Student Association exists to unite Mormon students, making available worship, social, and learning opportunities for them and for those interested in learning about Mormonism.

Contact the Chaplain’s Office at ext. 5626, emckay@middlebury.edu