Meetings/Activities with French Students and Young Professionals

The "Rencontres" are wonderful opportunities for cultural and linguistic exchange in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Please contact the Student Life Coordinator for more information.

"One evening 20 of us had a chance to meet up at a restaurant with 20 french students from an undergraduate business school.  After a nice meal we all went out to a bar and continued the conversation.  The very next night they called us to invite us to come out to a club with them.  It was really fun and all the students were really nice.  We're definitely going to go out with them again!"

Opera, Theater, Ballet and Concert Events

School in France students have the opportunity to purchase tickets for ballet, opera, and plays.

Here are many spring 2015 students on their way to a ballet rehearsal at Opera Garnier!

opera garnier

Madeleine Center Events

The Middlebury College School in France regularly organizes on a regular basis round table discussions and or conferences for participants in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

In February 2010, several Madeleine center faculty members joined the representative of a non-profit organization, Vision du monde (, in discussing the social, economic and historical context in Haiti before and after the earthquake.

Then in March of this year, Monique Saigal, Professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Pomona College, joined Alya Aglan, faculty member at the Madeleine Center and at the Université de Paris - Ouest, spoke with students about the roundup of Parisian Jews in July 1942;  Professor Aglan provided the historical context of the roundups and anti-Semitic legislation while Professor Saigal shared her personal experience as a "hidden child" with members of the audience.  The round table discussion was organized around the release of the film entitled "La Rafle" by Rose Bosch and in conjunction with professor Aglan's in-house course  "De la Révolution à la Résistance : la France de 1789 à 1944".