Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (17)
Who should complete my recommendations?

Your language assessment should come from your current or your most recent language professor.

Your major advisor approval(s) should come from your major advisor(s).

I am applying to multiple universities abroad – do I need to complete multiple Middlebury Study Abroad Applications?

You only need to complete one Middlebury application, even if you are applying to multiple universities – complete the Middlebury application for your first choice, then later if you need to change it, that should be fine, as long as your adviser approves.  If you change programs/universities, you may need to re-do parts of the application that are program/university-specific, but that should not be a problem.  You should indicate in your Middlebury application that you are applying to additional universities (and which ones). 

I have not yet met with Stacey and her appointment slots are full for the rest of J-term – what do I do?

You still need to complete the Middlebury Study Abroad Application by Feb. 1, but you can sign up to meet with Stacey at the beginning of spring semester.  If you need to make changes to your application at that time, that should not be a problem (you may need to re-do parts of the application that are program/university-specific, but that can be addressed at that time).

I'm also applying to Language School. Does my language professor need to complete two separate recommendations?

Great! No, your professor only needs to complete the language assessment once. Let us know that your professor already completed an assessment and we will obtain a copy from the Language School Coordinator.

What do I do if my major advisor is also my most recent language professor?

Please request the language assessment form from your professor using the online request. Then, ask your professor to email and indicate that he/she is also your major advisor and approves of your plans to study abroad.

Do I need to declare my major before I can apply to go abroad?

Yes. You must declare your major by February 1st. The major declaration form can be found on the Registrar's Office web page.

Students from other Colleges and Universities

What browser works best for the application?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both work well with Internet Explorer works only if you have the newest version, otherwise the page may not load correctly. Safari can cause problems.

How do I upload a copy of my passport?

You can find scanners to make a copy of your passport on campus here:

You can enter your email address to send a digital copy of your passport to yourself and then save it to your computer. This digital copy can be uploaded to your application by clicking on the file folder icon in the application and choosing the saved file.

I saved an application, now where can I find it?

Go to and use the log-in links at the top of the page to access your existing application.

How do I submit my application?

Each component of the application (questionnaire, passport copy, etc.) has its own submit button, but there is no button to submit the entire application.  

Who should complete my recommendations?

Your study abroad advisor approval should come from someone who works in your school's study abroad office.

Your language assessment should come from your current or your most recent language professor.

For students applying to the Schools in India or the United Kingdom, your general recommendation should come from another professor who has taught you in class. They do not need to teach you in the language of your study abroad program, but should know you well enough to know how you would respond in a new environment.

Can the same professor complete two recommendations?

No. You should have your most recent language professor complete your language assessment, and choose another professor to complete your general recommendation.

My recommender didn't get my recommendation. What should I do?

Please ask your recommender to check in their Spam or Junk mail folders. It is common for mail to get directed there the first time people receive a request.

Do I meet the language requirement?

If you started your language before arriving at college, tested out of a class due to summer study, or are a heritage speaker, that's great! We just need to see that you have taken a college course that is at an equivalent or higher level than the last required course of the language prerequisite.

I started an application, but decided I want to go in a different semester. Should I start a new application?

The easiest thing to do is actually to email the Advisor for your study abroad program and ask us to switch your program to a different semester.