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Legislative Biomass Study Group Visits Campus

September 6, 2010

Before conducting their July 20th meeting in the Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest, the Vermont Legislature’s Study Group on Biomass Energy Development took a tour of the College’s biomass gasification plant as well as the willow test plots where the feasibility of growing willows on college lands to provide fuel for the facility is being investigated.

The Study Group was created as part of Act 37 and is tasked with making recommendations such as harvesting guidelines and incentives that will enhance the biomass industry in Vermont while also protecting forest health. They came to the College with many questions about the operation of our biomass gasification plant as well as where the fuel for the plant is sourced. The group was glad to hear that the College is in the process of establishing procurement standard based on recommendations from the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar reports from Fall 2009 and Winter 2010, which can be found here.



Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest

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