Dining Hall Table Tents

Table Tents in Dining Halls

The Office of Sustainability Integration manages the table tent reservation system for the dining halls. Tents can be reserved for one week (Friday to Friday) and are an effective way to reach students with your message.

Where and how many table tents are available?

Atwater Dining Hall
Ross Dining Hall
Proctor Dining Hall

We recommend printing 100 inserts.

Table Tent Instructions--PLEASE NOTE that we have transitioned to napkin holders. Designs now have a new size and are horizontal.

Updated January 2017
Step 1. Reserve the table tents

  • Email your reservation request with preferred dates to efillion@middlebury.edu.
  • Tents can be reserved for one week (Friday to Friday).

Step 2. Design your announcement

  • Dimensions: 6.5 inches wide x 4.25 inches tall. The frame of the napkin holder covers the edges of the insert, so we recommend keeping your design to 6 x 3.75 inches and centering it on the paper (.25 inch margins). Communications can help you with your design if you'd like.
  • Designs are now single-sided

Step 3. Print 100 copies of your announcements

  • You can find Reprographic's Printing Order Form here.

Step 4. Stuff your table tents

  • You will receive a reminder email about your reservation.
  • Pick your inserts up from the printer and head to the dining halls for a fun hour or so of stuffing napkin holders before 1:30p.m. on the Friday that your reservation begins.
  • Your reservation email will tell you who you are sharing the week with (your "reservation partner")--we often book 2 different inserts each week. 
  • Simply remove last week's inserts (please recycle them!) and replace with yours. The only rule is DO NOT remove your reservation partner's inserts!
  • No need to collect your inserts at the end of the week (unless you want to keep them). The next week's lucky reservation-holders will take care of them.


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