Clothes Drying for Less (Money, Energy and CO2)

Clothes Drying for Less (Money, Energy and CO2)

September 30, 2006

Students at Middlebury are always looking for new ways to reduce their footprint on the environment. To this end, we are pleased to offer students a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to using a tradtional dryer.

Fortunately, we all wear clothes. The down side is that we have to wash and dry them, and that requires large energy inputs. Our dryers, like our buildings, are heated by steam from a central heating and cooling plant. Whether your student does laundry once a week and separates their whites and darks, or waits three weeks to throw all their smelly clothes into the wash, using a simple drying rack is an easy way to save money and reduce our ecological footprint:

* average number of dryer loads per Midd Kid - 29 per year

* amount of fuel to run a dryer for one hour - 3.3 gallons

* amount of CO2 emitted by one hour of drying - 86 pounds

* amount of CO2 saved if every Midd Kid
used a drying rack -4.5 million lbs./year

* amount of money each Midd Kid would save
using a drying rack - $29/year

Today you can purchase a wood and vinyl drying rack that will
be awaiting your student's arrival at Middlebury. This simple drying rack comes preassembled for trouble-free use and folds down to only 3 1/2" high for easy storage under a bed, in a closet, or even behind the door. When open, it still takes up very little space yet provides ample room for drying lots of clothes, and the vinyl covering ensures that the wood stays dry and mildew-free.

Sixty-six students took us up on our offer below to purchase clothes drying racks for the '05 -'06 academic year. Most of them are freshmen who join the many other students who have been using drying racks as a simple alternative to the elecrtric dryers on campus. Our thanks to them and their families for participating in this offer!

For more information contact Jack Byrne, Campus Sustainability Coordinator, email: , tel: 802-443-5043.