Middlebury's Ecological Footprint

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Middlebury's Ecological Footprint

May 1, 2006

From their report:

"Our footprint compiles the "human natural resource consumption and waste output within the context of nature's renewable and regenerative capacity." In this case a footprint analysis measures the biologically productive area needed to sustain the course of students' daily lives at the institution of Middlebury College. We limited our analysis to the main Middlebury campus land and calculated the use of resources consumed by the 2,350 students that study here.

In the study we took into account the consequences of transportation, food consumption, heating, water, waste, electricity, and land use. Given the limitations of time and access to data it was difficult to obtain exact figures and calculations of Middlebury's emission use over the past decade, but this footprint should give the college knowledge of how demanding it is on the Earth, a jumping off point for further research and ideas for reduction methods in the college's future. This study can help the college move towards a more sustainable future."

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