Powershift Vermont

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Powershift Vermont

April 12, 2008

On April 19th-21st, 2008 hundreds of high school and college students from across Vermont will converge on Middlebury College 's campus for the Power Shift Vermont conference. On Monday, the group will subsequently travel to Montpelier to demand climate solutions from legislators in the statehouse and Governor Douglas' office!

Power Shift Vermont 2008 will focus on providing Vermont college and high school students with the knowledge and tools they need to take action and find climate solutions. Through informative panels, interactive workshops, intense discussions, speeches by distinguished leaders, and our Action Day in Montpelier , we will take important steps towards a securing clean energy future and continuing sustainability efforts in the Green Mountain State .

Keynote speakers will kick off the event on the evening of Saturday, April 19th. Sunday, April 20th will be a day of exciting panels, workshops, and discussions on topics ranging from Green Jobs to renewable energy in Vermont to how to build a campus climate organization on your campus. Monday (April 21st) morning we will head to Montpelier to let our legislators know: We are your constituents! We demand climate solutions!

Powershift Vermont aims to rally around the goal of reducing global carbon dioxide concentrations to 350 parts per million (ppm) as the science demands (being currently at about 383 ppm). A larger campaign based on the importance of reaching 350 will soon be launched at a global scale.  Vermont being a hotbed of environmental activism and leadership is a great place to start rallying around this global goal of 350ppm. As a means to contributing to this goal in Vermont, it supports (and lobbying on) the three following policy recommendations:

1) Cut VT carbon emissions at least 75% by 2050 (as detailed in S.350)

2) Create a green jobs program in the state of Vermont

3) Encourage renewables and sustainability in all sectors, including heating and transportation

Be a part of the revolution now & join Middlebury and the state of Vermont in their colllective efforts to conserve the environment!

Click here for a tentative schedule of events & description of panels.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact jmbyrne@middlebury.edu