Middlebury student videos on PBS April 15

Middlebury student videos on PBS April 15

April 13, 2009

Planet Forward is a new media project combining web and TV to create an on-going discussion about climate change and energy. The Planet Forward website offers a platform for people to submit their ideas for addressing these complicated issues, and the TV show uses the best materials to shape the discussion and debate among a panel experts, scientists, business leaders and policymakers. Current content on the website includes video commentary, singing/rapping, animations, blog posts, and mini-documentaries all advocating for new ways to think about how we use energy and what we can do to reduce the effects of climate change. The host and producer of Planet Forward, Frank Sesno, is a Middlebury Alumn and former CNN anchor.


Several Middlebury students submitted videos for the pilot episode of Planet Forward, which airs nationally this Wednesday. Two Middlebury-produced videos will be featured on the pilot episode and a Middlebury student will be on the show as part of a panel.


To highlight Middlebury student involvement, the Film and Media Culture department is hosting a screening Wednesday, April 15 in Dana Auditorium at 7:45pm. After the show, other Middlbury-produced videos will be shown, followed by a panel discussion with student video producers, Film & Media Culture professor Jason Mittell and Environmental Studies professor Jon Isham.


For more information about Middlebury's involvement with Planet Forward click here.

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