Bike Sale Raises $2720 for Middlebury Bike Shop

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Students, faculty, and staff hunt for a great deal at the Middlebury College Bike Shop bike sale. Abandoned bicycles collected on campus by Public Safety were sold to raise money to keep the Bike Shop open and buy more supplies.

Bike Sale Raises $2720 for Middlebury Bike Shop

April 10, 2009

Ever wonder what happens to those rundown bikes that get left on campus when students leave for the summer? Public Safety does their best to reunite bikes with their owners, but if no one claims the bicycles after a year, they are considered abandoned. Middlebury's Bike Shop, in collaboration with Public Safety, gathers these abandoned bikes and periodically hosts a bike sale to raise money to buy more supplies for the Bike Shop.


This year, the Bike Shop had nearly 100 bikes for sale, with prices ranging from $5 to $100 depending on the needed repairs. Students, staff and faculty lined up early on a Saturday morning in April, undeterred by the slight drizzle, for a chance to get a good deal. After the initial surge of people descended upon the rows of bicycles behind Fletcher House, interested buyers continued to mill about searching for the perfect bike.

In total the Bike Shop sold 85 bikes, raising $2720. Steve Heck '10, who works in the Bike Shop and organized the sale along with Wayne Darling from Public Safety, thought that the sale went incredibly well, raising funds for the purchase of tools that will keep the Bike Shop open into next fall. According to Heck, "The bike sale was a dynamic synthesis of fundraising and recycling that culminated in what we hope will become a sustainable way to keep the campus Bike Shop open and running smoothly." Since the sale, the bike shop has been especially busy as many people have stopped by to work on their recently purchased bicycles.

In addition to the bicycles available for sale, ten bikes that were in good condition were also set aside to donate to a local organization to provide bicycles to those don't have access to one.

And for those with a bike that needs a little work, the campus Bike Shop is open during the school year Monday/Wednesday 4-7pm and Friday/Saturday 4-8pm. During open hours Middlebury students, faculty, or staff can stop by the Bike Shop to use the tools or to get help from one of the Bike Shop employees who are on hand to answer questions.

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