Students, staff, and faculty recognize sustainability grant recipients

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Members of the Middlebury community mingle at the Environmental Council Grants Fair.

Students, staff, and faculty recognize sustainability grant recipients

May 3, 2010

Students, staff, and faculty gathered in Atwater Dining for the 2nd annual EC Grants Fair to learn about this year's projects. The Environmental Council Grants Fair provided an opportunity for lively discussion and sharing of ideas. Each year, the Environmental Council funds creative projects to address sustainability and environmental issues on campus. This academic year, Environmental Council awarded nearly $25,000 to 24 different projects.

Several of the projects were innovative ways to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues on campus, including "Go Midd Go Green" bracelets, "Environmentality" table-top posters, and Lights Out stickers placed on light switches around campus. Other projects focused on bringing local foods to campus, such as a Weybridge House food preservation internship, a garden maintained by Public Safety, and funding for local food in the dining halls.  Many additional projects focused on energy production and conservation, including a campaign to replace Vermont Yankee, research on using microalgae as a carbon neutral energy source, and motion sensors for lights to reduce electricity use in the MCFA.  EC Grants even helped one student travel to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen and supported a MAlt trip to Dominica to promote organic farming.  Additional projects included a carpet recycling project, an effort to make athletics on campus more sustainable, an ecological evaluation of lands owned by the College, and the Earth Day Film Festival.  For more information and a complete list of projects funded by EC Grants, please visit the Environmental Council website.

ECG  fair photo dryer
Students discuss a project to provide drying racks in dorms to cut down on energy use.

ECG fair  photo solar
Students look over plans for the house to be built for the Solar Decathlon competition.