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New edition of The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History

New edition of The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History

January 8, 2015

In this second edition of the classic text, The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History, Klyza and Trombulak use the lens of interconnectedness to examine the geological, ecological, and cultural forces that came together to produce contemporary Vermont. They assess the changing landscape and its inhabitants from its pre-human evolution up to the present, with special focus on forests, open terrestrial habitats, and the aquatic environment.

This edition features a new chapter covering from 1995 to 2013 and a thoroughly revised chapter on the future of Vermont, which includes discussions of Tropical Storm Irene, climate change, eco-regional planning, and the resurgence of interest in local food and energy production. Integrating key themes of ecological change into a historical narrative, this book imparts specific information about Vermont, speculates on its future, and fosters an appreciation of the complex synergy of forces that shaped this region.

The book was published by the University Press of New England.

Christopher McGrory Klyza is the Robert ’35 and Helen ’38 Stafford Professor in Public Policy, Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies at Middlebury College.  He is the author or editor of five books on conservation and environmental policy and is currently working on a new book tracing green state building in the United States.

Stephen C. Trombulak is a Professor of Environmental and Biosphere Studies at Middlebury College, the Director of Sciences, and the director of the Middlebury School of the Environment. He is the author or editor of several articles and books, most recently, Landscape-scale Conservation Planning.