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Bread Loaf Inn Renovated with Sustainability in Mind

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Bread Loaf Inn Renovated with Sustainability in Mind

July 1, 2015

Renovations at Middlebury’s Bread Loaf Inn were recently completed in keeping with Middlebury’s dedication to sustainability, with special attention paid to increasing energy efficiency and local purchasing. While the exterior of the iconic Ripton building was kept the same, the extensive renovations now allow the Inn to be used year round, thanks to the newly insulated walls, efficient heating and cooling system and an overall tightening up of the charming, but leaky, windows and doors.

A tour with Missy Beckwith, Manager of Bread Loaf Campus & Waste Management, and Justin Allen, Bread Loaf Campus Manager, yielded more visible renovations, which include new spruce flooring purchased from Lathrop’s in Bristol, VT to match the original floors, as well as local slate from Vermont Structural Slate of Fair Haven, VT. Overnight visitors will find their rooms furnished with pieces from New England Woodcraft in Forest Dale, VT. Each room is equipped with LED lighting and many have ceiling fans to help make those July evenings a little cooler while keeping energy demands to a minimum.

Inn staff members sort the recycling on site before delivering it to the local transfer station. Food waste is transported to the College’s own composting facility.  

The Inn, which has long been a popular warm-weather spot for conferences and gazing out over the Green Mountains from the ubiquitous Adirondack chairs, is now prepared for cooler temperatures. The renovations mirror Middlebury’s strong commitment to sustainability, yet preserve the Inn’s historic nature. 

Here’s to many cozy Bread Loaf winters spent by the fire

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