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Faculty Stories: Steve Trombulak [video]

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Steve Trombulak, professor of biology and environmental studies, works with a group of undergraduate students on a field trip.

Faculty Stories: Steve Trombulak [video]

July 15, 2015

Middlebury College faculty come from many varied backgrounds, but something drew them to this tight-knit community in Vermont. In short video vignettes, "Faculty Stories" gives a taste of the diverse pathways that Middlebury faculty followed to teaching and scholarship at a liberal arts institution.

Meet Steve Trombulak, professor of biology and environmental studies. Trombulak, who also serves as director of sciences and director of the School of the Environment, says he is energized by working with undergraduates. "I love introducing them to the natural world, but also helping to engage their thinking in how they will make the world a better place."

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Great video, but it can't fully capture the coolness of Steve. To know that you have to spend a JTerm with him in Colorado and get some African and Haitian drumming in there. Plus digeridoos.

by Tyler (not verified)

Hey Steve! I was Midd '94 and my work study was at Otter Creek Day care where I came to know and love your kids I and E! I can remember babysitting them at your home and the science conversations I had with you about the amazing hiking and diverse ecosystems in Vermont! Though I didn't major in science at Midd (French/AmCiv double major) I went on to become a science teacher! No greater joy than teaching kids about the world in which we live. Although I teach Earth and Physical too, my favorite is always Life
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Science! Best to you and your family, Michelle Weagle '94
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by Michelle Weagle (not verified)

Hey Steve, Such a good life...I am happy that you found a field that is so rewarding for you and others. Best to you.

by suzanne knoblet (not verified)

By far, Steve was the most inspiring teacher I had. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to have the chance to learn from him. A rare gem of a teacher that really changed my view of the world. Class of '89

by Sarah Holbrook Evans (not verified)

Hi Steve- you & Tom Root inspired a life long love of biology & the natural world for me! I created a senior thesis project studying the reproductive habits of meadow voles with you .(in the fall of 1989).. unfortunately you were away for sabbatical that fall and I studied with Steve Adolf (who specialized in reptiles) -- nonetheless you remained an influential figure for me as I went on to study environmental policy at Tufts (at your suggestion) and worked for the MA state gov't ... so good to see you achieving and leading in the way you always
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wanted!! very truly yours, Jackie Geer Murphy
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by jackie geer (not verified)

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