Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Degree Verifications

Middlebury College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications.

Employers or agencies can contact the Clearinghouse at:

Web: http://www.degreeverify.com or http://www.studentclearinghouse.org

Fax: 703-742-4239

Mail: degreeverify@studentclearinghouse.org

Mail: National Student Clearinghouse, 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171

Enrollment Verifications

Students can print online Enrollment Verifications for themselves on BannerWeb, and send to any insurer, lender, or other organization that requires proof of college attendance.

This is a free, easy to use, and secure process provided through the National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization serving the higher education community, authorized by Middlebury College. It allows you to:
· Access your enrollment information at any time of the day or night.
· Print enrollment verification certificates to send to health insurers, loan providers or other organizations that require proof of your attendance at Middlebury College.
· Check the deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders.
· Obtain a list of your student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information.
· View your enrollment history any time (starting from Fall 2006).
· View enrollment verifications provided to student service providers at your request.

To access your information

Log in to your BannerWeb account, click on Student Records and Registration, and then Enrollment Verifications. This link takes you directly to the secure National Student Clearinghouse website, where you enter your personal information to get to "Enrollment Verify."

Note: Non-degree Language School students should contact the Registrar's Office for enrollment verifications since these are not reported to the National Student Clearinghouse.

Two kinds of Certifications are available from the Clearinghouse:

Current Enrollment Verification, or a complete history (all) Enrollment Verification. (Middlebury College has been sending data to the Clearinghouse since Fall 2006.) The certifications displays your enrollment status and your expected graduation date.

Contact your Commons Coordinator if you are unable to obtain an enrollment certificate via this self-service link.


Definitions of Enrollment Status:

Academic Year (Fall/Winter/Spring):

Undergraduate students and Graduate students at Middlebury Schools Abroad:

Full-time = enrolled for 3 to 5 course credits in fall/spring, or 1 course in winter term.
Half-time = enrolled for 2 course credits in fall or spring
Less than Half-time = enrolled in 1 course credit in fall or spring

Summer Schools:

Bread Loaf School of English degree-seeking students:

Full-time = enrolled for 2+ course credits
Half-time = enrolled for 1 course credit
Less than Half-time = enrolled in <1 course credit

Language School degree-seeking students:

Full-time = enrolled for 3+ course credits
Half-time = enrolled for 2 course credits
Less than Half-time = enrolled for 1 course credit

Below, you can see the schedule of dates when Middlebury College sends updated registration information to the Clearinghouse.

Typically enrollment certificates are available within 2-3 days of our file submission.

For further information or to update your expected graduation date, please contact the Registrar's Office at 443-5770 or email us at registrar@middlebury.edu.


Clearinghouse Transmission Schedule

for Academic Year 2015-2016

Term = Enrollment data sent for the term (4 times/term)

Degree Verify = Graduation data sent (June and August)


Fall Term 2015 begins on September 16, 2015

Early registration sent August 24, 2015

First of term update sent September 30, 2015

Second of term update sent October 29, 2015

Mid-term update sent December 3, 2015

End of term final list sent January 7, 2016


Winter Term begins on January 11, 2016

Registrations sent on January 14 and February 5, 2016


Spring Term begins on February 15, 2016

Early registration sent February 19, 2016

First of term update sent March 1, 2016

Second of term update sent March 31, 2016

Mid-term update sent May 4, 2016

End of term final list sent June 2, 2016

Degree Verify: Undergraduate 2016 degrees sent June 6, 2016




Diplomas and Graduation Information

Degree dates

There are three official degree dates for Middlebury College:

March 1
May commencement date
August commencement date

The College must receive all final grades or course credits before a student is eligible to graduate. Even if a student is currently enrolled in courses that are not required for the degree, all course work must be finished before the degree is awarded.

Graduating Febs

Students who complete degree requirements in December or in January have an official degree date of March 1. Since a few Feb graduates choose to participate in the May Commencement, their diplomas are  saved for the May ceremony, otherwise they are mailed out to those who have notified us that they will not attend.

Your name on your Diploma

When you complete the online Intent to Graduate form (online for BA candidates), you indicate exactly how you wish your name to appear on your diploma. This should be the formal version of your name, with proper accents, Jr. or III, and your middle name included, as you want it to appear many years afterward.  If you have questions, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Lost Diplomas

Middlebury College will issue a replacement diploma, if one was lost or damaged. We do not supply multiple copies. To request a replacement diploma, please send a letter with the following information:

The degree that you earned
The date you graduated
Your name at the time of your graduation
How your original diploma was lost or damaged
Your current mailing address
Your handwritten signature

Send the letter to:

The Registrar’s Office
5142 Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753

Include a check for $45 to cover the cost of ordering the replacement. Since our diplomas are ordered from a national vendor, it takes several weeks for us to receive the replacement diploma, once it is requested. Keep in mind that the new diploma will contain the actual dates of your degree conferral, and your name the way it appears in the Commencement program, although the signatures will be those of our current administrators.

Diploma translations

Many times graduates who apply for jobs or visas in other countries need a copy of the English translation of their Latin diploma. The Registrar's Office can supply certified letters with the needed personalized translation. Email registrar@middlebury.edu.

The general translation of the undergraduate diploma is:

Middlebury College
in the State of Vermont
To all students of letters
Eternal greeting in the Lord

Be it now known to you that the President of the College, with the approval of our honored and esteemed Fellows, has dignified and graced  [name] with the title and rank of Bachelor of Liberal Arts, and has conferred on her/him all the privileges and honors pertaining thereto. Let the official seal of the College and the signature of the President bear witness to this act.

Issued at the College on the [day and month] in the year of the Lord [year], and in the [year] year of the American Republic.


If a graduate needs additional certification of the degree for work abroad, an apostille may be required. In this case, please send your original diploma to the Registrar's Office, along with a check for the $10.00 fee and an addressed and stamped envelope to send the sealed document back to the sender. We will copy your diploma and notarize the copy.  The diploma copy is notarized and sent on to the office of the Vermont Secretary of State, with the fee and the return envelope.  We will return the original diploma directly to you. 

"The document, with proper notarization, must be brought or sent to the Secretary of State's office in Montpelier. There the notary's signature will be verified by comparing it to the notary appointment form on file and a simple document called an Apostille filled out and signed by either the Secretary of State or the Deputy Secretary of State. The Apostille then is embossed with the seal of the Secretary of State. A $10.00 fee per document should accompany the request. Once the process is completed, the document is then considered legalized in many countries.

You can contact the Vermont Secretary of State office directly at http://vermont-archives.org/notary/guide/Notary5.htm.

For a full, current listing of member states and countries, visit the U.S. Department of State's website at: http://www.travel.state.gov."