Direct Deposit

Students can have their net pay directly deposited into a checking or savings account at any financial institution in the United States. Direct deposit information can be accessed online through BannerWeb. This allows you to add, view or update your direct deposit information for Payroll deposits and Accounts Payable reimbursements. The Payroll office pre-notes all direct deposit requests. Pre-noting is an electronic test to the financial institution to verify the transit-ABA #, account #, and name on the account. Payroll will notify you if the banking information you entered will not be accepted by the Bank. The prenote process may take one pay cycle for verification and to become effective. During this process, a check is rendered and will be delivered to your campus mail box.

To begin direct deposit, please follow these steps:

1. Open a checking or savings account at any bank of your choice in the U.S., if you have not already done so.

2. Log on to BannerWeb

3. Select the Employee tab

4. Clink on Pay Information

5. Click on Direct Deposit Allocation

6. Click on Add New Direct Deposit (Note: Students may have their earnings deposited into ONE account only.)

7. Enter the following information:

Bank Routing Number

Account Number

Account Type (Checking or Savings)

Click Payroll Deposit box

Amount 100%

Click Email Pay Stub Notification box

8. Click the Save button 



Payment Forms

Form W-9sForm W-9s -Substitute W-9 for U.S. Citizens, Permanent Legal Residents, or resident aliens for tax purposes (see here for instructions)
Form W-8BEN for all others individuals who cannot fill out Form W-9
Form W-8BEN-E for all other entities who cannot fill out Form W-9
Form 590 for residents of California if paid by MIIS or LS @ Mills for services, rent, or royalties
Form 587 for non-residents of California if paid by MIIS or LS @ Mills for services, rent, or royalties

1099-MISC forms were mailed on 1/30/15.
How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Complete the direct deposit form on the Human Resources website. Please allow one pay cycle for the pre-note process; the prenote process is a confirmation with the bank that the information provided on your form is accurate. http://www.middlebury.edu/media/view/254212/original/DIRDEP_FINAL1pdf.pdf