Create a presentation of text / images / audio / video

What you need:

Presentations are commonly done using a sequence of "slides" using applications such as PowerPoint or Keynote or Google Presentation.  Presentation applications support the inclusion of images, audio or video files.

How to do it

For information on how to use presentation applications, see: PowerPoint or Keynote

If you plan to use a PowerPoint presentation on both Macs and PCs, be sure you are aware of the differences between versions of Powerpoint, particularly in how they handle audio and video, see:

OfficeHelpForMac > PC to Mac and Back

Tips and suggestions

Here's a number of sites on best practices:

Share presentations / slideshows on the web


What it is:

Making your slides available on the web.

What you need:

A web slideshow application such as SlideShare or Prezi.

Sometimes also PowerPoint or Keynote files.

How you do it:

Depending on the program, you either upload existing files to the web, or create them right on the website's application.

Tips and suggestions:

You can now upload Apple Keynote files to Slideshare.

Art History Slide Collection

Slide Library

The Art History Slide Collection consists of 175,000 35mm slides and covers the history of art and architecture from prehistoric to present times. The collection has been built primarily to support the Art History curriculum.

Faculty and students may borrow slides for classroom presentations. If you are a newcomer and wish to use the Slide Collection, please make an appointment with the Visual Resources Curator for a brief orientation.


The Visual Resources Collection provides high quality slides and digital images for teaching and scholarship in the arts and associated fields. We also provide training and support for faculty and students in all aspects of using digital images for classroom presentations.

Kevin P. Mahaney '84 Center for the Arts

Kevin P. Mahaney '84 Center for the Arts, 1992

Our facility houses an extensive collection of 175,000 35mm slides, and we provide access to millions of digital art images primarily through ARTstor. Our local digital art image collection also resides in Artstor's Shared Shelf.

The Visual Resources Collection (formerly known as the Slide Collection) is housed in the Kevin P. Mahaney '84 Center for the Arts with the Department of History of Art and Architecture.