Spend a summer learning Hebrew, and enter a world of extraordinary opportunities.

Hebrew fluency is about more than classroom skills. It’s about language, culture, and communication – inside and outside of the classroom. With this in mind, the Institute for the Advancement of Hebrew and Middlebury College have created immersion-learning summer programs, where the focus is on you, and your acquisition of Hebrew.

Our time-tested curriculum includes rigorous daily classroom instruction, as well as a variety of in-language activities outside the classroom, ranging from sports to theater, to casual interactions and storytelling opportunities with fellow students—each designed to help you build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency. By the end of the summer, you’ll be reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Hebrew.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the knowledge and skillsets you’ll need to ultimately further your careers and personal goals.

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The Minor In Jewish Studies

What is Jewish Studies?

Jewish Studies ranges over the study of Jews and Judaism from the Biblical period to the present.  It takes Judaism not only as a "religion," but as a civilization and culture encompassing a rich textual tradition, literature in several languages, philosophy and theology, customs and ritual, art, music and film.  Jewish Studies is by its nature interdisciplinary and can be approached, for example, from within the disciplines of history, religion, sociology and anthropology, or literary study.  The program also sponsors a wide array of lectures and other events, including the annual Hannah A. Quint Lecture in Jewish Studies.

A distinguishing aspect of Middlebury's program is the depth of study possible in Hebrew.  Middlebury also offers a Hebrew Minor, with courses in both Modern and Classical Hebrew.  Introductory Modern Hebrew is offered every year, and Introductory Classical Hebrew in alternate years, usually in Winter Term. (For Hebrew course descriptions, click on the link to “Courses,” upper left.)

Participating Faculty:

Professors: Tamar Mayer (Geography); Robert S. Schine (Religion/Classics); O. Larry Yarbrough (Religion); Associate Professors: Rebecca Bennette, Director  (History); Theodore Sasson, (International Studies); Assistant Professors: Natasha Chang (Italian), Natalie Eppelsheimer (German) and Orian Zakai (Hebrew) Program Coordinator: Vijaya L. Wunnava