I was just notified that my grant has been funded! What do I do with the award documentation?

If the grant will fund your scholarship and research, give the original paperwork to the SRO. If the grant has been awarded for an institutional project,give it to CFR.

Contracts and Grants Policy

Please note: In light of ongoing changes in federal regulations and administrative structure, this section must be revised annually. Please check with the dean for faculty development and research, the Sponsored Research Office, or the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations if you have questions regarding administrative policies or procedures.


Proposals seek either research grants—support for a faculty or staff member for an individual research or professional development project, or institutional grants—support for projects relating to academic program, facilities, student life, or other institutional needs.

This section of the site pertains primarily to research proposals. For more about institutional proposals,
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Many options are available to fund your next project. These lists include some of the major external funding sources.

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The Sponsored Research Office and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations are responsible for supporting all grant-related activities at Middlebury.