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MiddView Trips

Below is a list of all the different MiddView Trips that First Year Students can choose from. Click on the trip titles below to learn about each trip, including the different themes, sleeping arrangements and bathroom facilities available.

We have developed some icons to help you sort through the trips. Click here to view the icon key.

MiddView Trip Leader Applicant Information

Each year, the MiddView team selects over 150 Middlebury students with a broad range of skills and experiences to serve as our orientation trip leaders. We strive to build a leader team that represents the diversity of our campus community, and to provide them the training and support they need to succeed in this challenging and rewarding role. Successful applicants will have:

MiddView Trip Leader Training Requirements

Although your own MiddView Trip Leader may have made it look easy, leading a group of 8-12 students is no small order! We trust our leaders with the physical and emotional health and well-being of their group members and their co-leaders - and we know you want to trust in your co-leader as well. In order to prepare leaders for this experience, we require that they participate in multiple trainings, based on the specific skill set they need to cover.

Important training sessions take place in both the spring and in the fall.