The Language Pledge says:

"In signing this Language Pledge, I agree to use ______________ as my only language of communication while attending the Middlebury Language Schools. I understand that failure to comply with this Pledge may result in my expulsion from the School without credit or refund."

At the Middlebury Language Schools, we've been helping students build foreign language fluency for nearly 100 years.

In a world that needs peaceful, sustainable solutions, the Language Schools provide the tools to make change happen.


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Consulting Us About a Distressed Student

Middlebury's Language Schools are renowned for their excellence in producing high levels of language acquisition. The experience of language immersion, combined with the Language Pledge, (a formal commitment required of all students to speak, listen, read, and write in their language of study as the only means of communication for the summer session), open opportunities for students to communicate in their target language and deepen their cultural understanding.

French School Blogs From Around the World

French School Blog

French School Radio Broadcasts 2009

French School radio broadcasts.

French School Weekly Newsletters Back to 2006

French School Weekly Newsletters Back to 2006

French School Photos from Vermont and California

French School Photos (good quality) Plus Middlebury at Mills Photos

French School Shows Off Their Video Footage of Summer 2009

French School Videos: dances, concerts, ceremonies, etc.

Spanish School Photos

Spanish School Photos: Username/Pass



Italian School Students Tell Stories in Italian

Selected Italian School students tell poignant stories as part of classwork.

Italian School Blog Highlights Speakers, Class, Food, and Fun

Italian School blog for summer 2009. In Italian.

Italian School Photos 2008 and 2009

Italian School photos from 2008 and 2009. Parties, soccer, and theater.

Italian School Weekly Newsletters

Italian School has newsletters each week during the summer outlining the events and announcements for the school.

Spanish Summer Language School acts as catalyst to create online journal

In the summer of 2003, Miguel Fernandez, Middlebury Class of 1985 and a professor of Spanish at the College, ran into Mark Del Mastro with whom he had studied at Middlebury in Madrid, in the master's program in 1988. Del Mastro, a professor at The Citadel, was teaching at the Language School. There they met Juan Pablo Spicer-Escalant, who teaches at Utah State and was the designated director for the new Middlebury program in Guadalajara.

Language School student will study in Brazil on Fulbright

Baylor University senior Alex Nix, a student at Middlebury's Portuguese School this summer (2009), is one five Baylor students who have been selected to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. A Spanish major from Riesel, formerly of Waco, Nix will spend the 2010 academic year in Brazil, where she will assist with teaching English, while developing the study of American poetry as a way of encountering and understanding American culture.