Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Polycom Software

  1. What do all the buttons do?
    1. Please check this document for a quick overview.
    2. Please check the full user guide for more information.
  2. I'm in a call and the presenter is showing a presentation. Can I make camera image bigger so I can see the people? Can I switch between the camera and presentation videos? 
    1. Yes. Double-click the camera image to make it bigger. Double-click the presentation to make it bigger.
  3. There is echo during the call (I can hear myself or the person(s) on the other side of the call can hear themselves).
    1. Please use a headset or conference mic. Your computer's built-in mic may have echo cancellation and the Polycom software has echo cancellation, but the most reliable solution is to use a headset or conference mic. Here are the recommended headset and mic models.
  4. The other side of the call can't hear me.
    1. Please make sure the correct microphone is selected in the Polycom software. During a call, click the settings button in the bottom left corner of the screen and select the correct mic.
    2. If this doesn't resolve the issue, quit and reopen the polycom software: On a Mac, click the Polycom RealPresence menu in the top left corner of the screen and select Quit. On a PC, click the icon in the top left corner of the Polycom window and select Exit. Reopen the Polycom software and the issue should go away.
    3. Contact us using the Submit a Ticket link on the right side of this page if you are still having an issue.
  5. How do I call someone else who is also using Polycom?
    1. Meeting room equipped with Polycom: All Middlebury College Polycom units have an alias.  This is a 6-digit number that you can dial to call that room. Enter the six digit number into the dial pad and press the Call button. For a specific room alias, please see this list. NOTE: The unit must be powered on and someone must be in the room to answer the call.  
    2. Polycom software: To call an instance of the Polycom software, contact the user you would like to call ahead of time and ask them for their extension.  Upon downloading the software to a device, you are assigned a 4-digit Polycom extension.  If you download the software on your laptop as well as an iPhone or another mobile device, you will have two separate extensions.  To find your extension, see step 8 on these instruction.  See step 9 for information on how to search for a Middlebury Polycom user in the Polycom directory.
    3. Polycom bridge room: To dial into a Polycom bridge room, contact the host of the meeting and ask them for the number of the bridge room.  The dialing convention is 71xxx#PIN with the x's representing the room ID.  Both the room ID and the PIN will be 4-digits.  
      1. If someone will be calling in who is not affiliated with the college (i.e. they haven't signed into the software with their Midd username and password or aren't calling from one of our units), they will need to dial  It's the same convention used for Midd users with the addition of the IP address followed by two pound signs.  NOTE: Not all rooms have PINs -- the host meeting will be responsible for providing you with the correct number for the meeting.  
  6. How do I send content using Polycom?
    1. To send content using Polycom RealPresence software from your laptop, while in a call, click on the "share content" button at the bottom of the screen.  It looks like a small PowerPoint page.  When you click on this, it will open a menu on the right side of the screen.  You can choose to either share your entire screen or a specific application.
    2. To send content using an installed Polycom system, you will need to download the People + Content IP software.
      1. Mac download
      2. PC download
      3. Once the download has finished, double click on it to install the program on your computer
      4. Once the program is installed, open it and type in the IP address of the unit you hope to send content to.  You can find the IP address at the bottom of the home screen of Polycom units while not in a call or by visiting the following link: go/videoip.


Health Services FAQs

If you have a question that does not appear on this page, please contact Health Services at 802-443-5135.

What does it cost to be seen at the Health Services?

There is no charge for your visit at the Health Services.  However, there are a few exceptions. We do charge for:

  • Some infectious disease & STI tests
  • Some common orthopedic devices (e.g., aircast, wrist and thumb splints, cervical collar)
  • Some immunizations.
  • Plan B (emergency contraception)

If you have any questions about these charges or our services, please call and ask to speak to one of our nurses.

Where is the Health Services located?

We are located in Centeno House at 136 South Main Street.  You can find us on the Campus Map.

What are the Health Services hours?

We are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 12-4 p.m. on weekends. (Please visit our Yearly Schedule for dates when our office is closed throughout the year.)

What should I do if I get sick or injured and the Health Services is closed?

You can be seen at Porter Hospital's Emergency Department on South Street in Middlebury if you have a medical need that cannot wait until the Health Services is open.

Do I need an appointment to be seen at the Health Services?

No, you don't need an appointment to see a nurse at Parton Health.  Walk-in clinic hours are:

Academic year

Nurses are available Monday - Friday during our walk-in hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 6-9 p.m. for urgent concerns.  On weekends nurses are available from 12-4 p.m. 

Summer Language Programs:

Nurses are available Monday - Friday during our walk-in hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends.

Appointments with MD/NP:

Mark Peluso, MD, and Laurel Kelliher, FNP are available to see students by appointment Monday - Friday during the academic year and summer school programs.  Just call Parton at 802-443-5135 to schedule an appointment. 

Do I have health insurance through Middlebury College?

All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Middlebury College are automatically enrolled in the mandatory student accident only insurance plan.  This plan provides coverage for accidents sustained during the academic year (September 1 through May 31).  The voluntary sickness insurance, which can be purchased through Gallagher Koster Insurance, provides coverage for illness from September 1 through August 31.  For more information regarding insurance benefits or to enroll in the sickness plan, please visit the Koster Insurance website.

What's the best way to prevent the flu?

Get a flu shot!

What should I do while I'm sick with the flu?

Stay away from others as much as possible to keep from making them sick.  If you must leave home, for example to get medical care, wear a face mask if you have one, or cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue.  And wash your hands often to keep from spreading flu to others.

How long should I stay home if I'm sick?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that you stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for other things you must do that no one else can do for you. Your fever should be gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine*, such as Tylenol®.You should stay home from work, school, travel, shopping, social events, and public gatherings.

What is the College's plan for pandemic flu outbreak?

Middlebury College has an Emergency Plan that includes the threat of severe illness, such as pandemic flu.