What are the accommodations at Bread Loaf?

The Bread Loaf campus consists of one main building (The Inn) and many smaller houses or cottages. Due to renovations happening starting this fall (2014), the Inn will be off-line for guests. This will mean that there are about 150 fewer beds than normal, so this year will be very limited for options.


Welcome Back to Bread Loaf


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We hope these pages will help you stay connected with Bread Loaf or reconnect if you've been out of touch. They will help you in such practical matters as requesting a letter of recommendation, ordering an official transcript, or learning about resources available to all Bread Loaf students, past and present.

Official Transcripts

To obtain an official Bread Loaf transcript, you must submit a request in writing to the registrar's office. Click here for more information.

Letters of Recommendation

Requests for letters of recommendation should be directed to the Bread Loaf office, through Melissa Nicklaw, and not directly to Bread Loaf faculty. These letters incorporate comments written by the Bread Loaf faculty and they will be kept on file in the Bread Loaf office for future use.

Melissa will pass your request on to the associate director, who will write the letter. Be sure to include the address(es) to which the letter(s) should be sent, as well as any applicable deadlines, forms, or other necessary information. Requests should be received by the Bread Loaf office at least one month before you'll need the letter.


All Bread Loaf students and alumni receive a free account on BreadNet, an electronic network that provides an e-mail account and is also used to link the classrooms of Bread Loaf teachers. The primary goals of BreadNet are to perpetuate the Bread Loaf community throughout the year and to encourage collaboration among all Bread Loaf teachers, faculty, and their classrooms. All Bread Loaf students, faculty, staff, and graduates are invited to join. We see many old friends joining discussions in "Cyberbarn."

Faculty, staff, students, or graduates requesting access to BreadNet may contact Caroline Eisner, director of BreadNet, to request an account. BreadNet requires client software, which you may download for free via our download site.

JSTOR Access for Alumni

As an alumnus/a of Middlebury you can now access hundreds of multi-disciplinary scholarly journals in the arts, sciences, and social sciences. JSTOR (short for “journal storage”), a non-profit service founded in 1995, is a digital archive of over 1,000 academic journals and one million primary sources. Funding for this service is provided by the Middlebury College's Library and Information Service division.

JSTOR Access for Alumni

Career Services

Middlebury's Center for Careers and Internships is ready to assist you as you contemplate career decisions. Visit their website for information about how to arrange a meeting with one of their career advisors, for resume building advice, practice interviews, or networking tips. 

Returning to Bread Loaf


Bread Loaf graduates may of course apply to return for a summer or two. Returning students who have not attended Bread Loaf in the past 10 years or more will be asked to submit new application materials.

A gratifying number of our MAs apply to the Bread Loaf MLitt program. All students, even Bread Loaf MAs, must apply formally to the MLitt program. Read about the MLitt under "Academics."


While we cannot offer lodging for visitors during the summer, many former students visit Vermont to see the play each summer, or stop by St. John's College in Santa Fe for a reading or lecture. Summer contact information and schedules of major summer events at all four campuses will be posted on the individual campus pages in early June.

What are the accommodations at Bread Loaf?

The Bread Loaf campus consists of one main building (The Inn) and many smaller houses or cottages. Most of the sleeping arrangements are single beds-either one or two in a room. We do not put people in the same room unless it's requested.

With few exceptions, bathroom facilities are shared.  The cost to stay at Bread Loaf is $50/bed/night. We do not have the staff to turn over beds and we therefore have a 2 night minimum stay for Fall Family Weekend. The price includes a full hot breakfast in the dining room of the main inn.

What is Bread Loaf?

The Bread Loaf campus is located in Ripton, Vermont, about twenty minutes from Middlebury. The campus is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Montreal, about 4 hours from both Boston and Hartford, 5 hours from New York City, and 6 1/2 hours from Philadelphia.

In case you would like to use Mapquest for directions, here is an exact address very close to the Bread Loaf campus during the time of the Conference. 

1192 Route 125
Ripton, VT  05766


The Caretaker: For most, his name is unfamiliar. But his handiwork? Chances are, you know it well

There’s not much written about the caretaker.

He works unnoticed; the man behind, often beneath, Bread Loaf. He’s the man who keeps the place, in its crescive yet constant state of decline, consistently static—forever the same. His work, if done well, is always done, and never in the process of doing. It’s always been this way. It’s all always been this way. Right? And while Joe Battell’s name rings true for many, who’s ever heard of John Houston, his right-hand man and Bread Loaf’s first caretaker? He was the man who helped keep up the Inn and build its acreage those first winters; the man who carried blank deeds in his pocket in case he ran across a neighbor willing to sell his land; the man who chopped wood for families in surrounding towns because, well, Battell needed the money.