Mission Statement

The mission of the Planning and Assessment Office is to develop and implement planning principles for the College, and to promote the use of information in planning and strategic decision making.  We gather data and provide reports for assessing institutional effectiveness and facilitating improvement across all College departments and programs.  In particular, we seek to promote and facilitate the development and assessment of student learning outcomes.  The office is also responsible for communicating information about the College to external agencies, organizations, and consortial groups.

How does Middlebury fulfill its educational mission? How do we know our students are successful in meeting their educational goals? How are students engaging with our curricular and extra-curricular resources? What is the workplace like for faculty and staff? How do Middleburys multiple graduate programs—the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the summer Language Schools, the C.V. Starr-Middlebury Schools Abroad, the Bread Loaf School of Englisheducate students?

By asking important and multifaceted questions like these, and by looking for evidence and information about ourselves and the Middlebury educational experience, we work with departments and constituencies across campusand indeed across the globeto actively shape the future of Middlebury. Ultimately, our job is to say with confidenceand show with evidencethat at Middlebury, we provide an education that is consonant with our mission.