Phoenix Pod speeds up ILL processing.

Middlebury is working together with libraries in New England, including Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Mount Holyoke, Wellesley and Williams to provide expedited Interlibrary Loan services with the Phoenix Rapid Returnables Pod.  All requests will be processed through ILLiad, but requests for materials owned and available at any of the Phoenix Pod members will be ordered automatically, delivered by UPS, and loaned for an extended period of two months (with a renewal of another month).

Why is my book "Checked out to Customer" in ILLiad, I have not picked it up yet?

We automatically check items out to the patron in ILLiad when we send the books to Circulation for patron pickup, and discharge them when they are returned from Circulation.  This allows the Circulation staff to check materials out to you using only one (circulation) system at the desk.  You are only responsible for the book while it is on your "My Midcat" Acct.

You can view the items on you circulation acct using “My Midcat”

Can I renew my ILL materials?

Yes, for most items:

From within ILLiad, select “Checked Out Items” from the menu on the left. Open the item you would like to renew by clicking on the request number. Click “Renew Request” at the top of the detailed information page to place the renewal request.

There is a limited window of opportunity for placing a renewal.  Renewals can only be placed 10 days before the due date through one day beyond the original due date.

How do I request an interlibrary loan for materials not in the Middlebury Library?

Check out the Interlibrary Loan page for details.  Also see their ILL FAQ page for answers to specific questions.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan helps eligible patrons obtain materials that are not available at the Middlebury College Libraries, or via NExpress. ILL services are made possible by participating libraries worldwide that share their collections with scholars, researchers, and students of other institutions.

For more information see our main page.

What Can I Request?

Many types of items can be borrowed. Books are usually borrowed in print copy. Newspapers are usually provided in micro-form covering multiple weeks. Journal articles are sent as photocopies or digital copies.

Media items: DVDs, CDs, etc, can be ordered, but may take longer to arrive.

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is the electronic system for receiving, processing, and managing Interlibrary loan requests on-line.

The name ILLiad can be thought of as an acronym for InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database.

What about Copyright?

My ILL was cancelled because it is available at Middlebury but I'm in . . . Madrid, Mexico, Timbuktu. What do I do?

First:  Login to ILLiad and change your Delivery Site status to indicate you are an off-campus patron.

How long will it take for my ILL to arrive?

Our average turnaround for ILL is currently 1.8 days for articles, and 8 days for loans.  However some materials will take much longer to arrive.  The easiest way to tell how long it will take for an item to arrive is to look in WorldCat.  Worldcat identifies how many libraries worldwide own an item.  The more libraries that own the item, the faster it will arrive.

We occasionally order items from other countries such as the UK, Germany or Australia.  Items coming from abroad will often take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

What is the status of my ILL request?

To check on the status of an ILL request logon to your ILLiad acct:  go/ill

Search for your request in the search box, select "All Requests" from the view menu, or locate your request in "Outstanding Request" list on the main ILLiad page.  Click on the Transaction number of the request to open up the detailed information page.  Scroll down to tracking to see the current status of your request.

Who May Use ILL?

Middlebury College students, faculty, and staff may use Interlibrary loan services. Requests are acted upon as soon as possible.

  • Students:
    • Undergraduate
    • Summer language
    • Bread Loaf School of English
    • Midd. students studying abroad
    • DLM students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Emeritus Faculty and Faculty Spouses