Voice Mail

The default is for campus telephone extensions to divert to voice mail when that extension is busy or unanswered.  Should you not want your extension to divert to voice mail, please contact Telephone Services (x5700).

 Activate Your Voice Mailbox

The first time you access your voice mailbox use the system default security code of 1234 and follow prompts to

change your security code to a new 4-15 digit number
record your name, and
record a personal greeting.


Manage Your Voice Mailbox

For a complete view of functions:  Voice Mail (CallXpress) Reference Guide(some functions not available)

Once you are in your mailbox...

Listen to Messages:
  • Press 5 to review the first new message
  • Dial 1 9 1 to review all new messages
  • Review saved messages, dial 1 9 2
  • Record and send a message, press 6
After Listening to a Message:
  • Delete a message, press 3
  • Reply to an extension, dial 1 7
  • Save a message, press 7
  • Forward the message to another campus mailbox, dial 1 3
After Recording a Message:
  • Mark as private # + 4
  • Mark as urgent # + 6
  • Request a return receipt # + 1
  • Request future delivery # + 5


Diverting Extension to Its Voice Mailbox

Digital (Ericsson) phones:

Press the CALL DIVERSION key to activate or cancel the diversion.

Student and other analog phones

Pick up the handset

Dial * + 2 + #

Return the handset to its cradle.

To cancel the diversion:

Pick up the handset

Dial # + 2 + #

Return the handset to its cradle.


New Voice Mail Notification

Digital (Ericsson) phones:  You will hear a stuttered dial tone, see “message waiting” on the screen, and see a flashing light on the MESSAGE WAITING key.

Student and other analog phones:  You will hear a stuttered dial tone when you pick up the handset.  Calls may still be made and received with this dial tone.

Unified Messaging (e-mail from CallXpress) available to Faculty & Staff


Access Your Voice Mailbox From

Your telephone
  • Dial 2100 (or on a black Ericsson phone press the flashing MESSAGE WAITING key),
  • When the system answers, enter your security code
Another campus telephone that has a voice mailbox
  • Dial 2100
  • Press * # to force the system back one step to ask for the mailbox you want to access.
  • Enter your mailbox number (extension) and your security code.
A campus telephone that does NOT have a voice mailbox
  • Dial 2100
  • When you hear “Welcome to Middlebury College…,” press #
  • When the system answers, enter your mailbox number (extension) and security code
  • Dial 443-2100
  • When you hear “Welcome to Middlebury College…,” press #
  • When the system answers, enter your mailbox number (extension) and your security code.
Unified Messaging - E-mail (Faculty & Staff)

Telephone Services must configure your voice mailbox for Unified Messaging prior to use.  Once this is done, voice mail messages will appear in your e-mail in box.


Out-of-Office Greeting (please see notation):

NOTE:  The out-of-office greeting immediately turns on once you record it.  When you next dial into your voice mailbox, the system reminds you that it is on.  To turn it off, press 4.

If you do not want it turned on at the time you record, turn it off before you end the session or dial back into your voice mailbox and turn it off.  To later turn on the out-of-office greeting, at the main menu press 1 6 1 3 3 5 and hang up.

  • Record an out-of-office greeting, dial 4 7
  • Turn off the out-of-office greeting, dial 4
  • Review or rerecord (or record) an out-of-office greeting, dial 1 6 1 3 3
  • Turn on the previously recorded out-of-office greeting, dial 1 6 1 3 3 5
  • Record, review, or rerecord an out-of-office greeting 1 6 1 3 3

Standard Greeting

  • Record a new greeting, dial 4 6
  • Change, review, or record your greeting, dial 1 6 1 3 2

Security Code

  • Change your security code, dial 1 6 1 4


  • Change your recorded name, dial 1 6 1 5


Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can my voice mailbox receive?  There is no limit to the number of messages you may receive.

How long are my new and saved messages kept?  The system purges messages at 30 days; however, it warns you 7 days prior to the deletion and allows you to save the message for another 30 days.

I’m going to be out of the office and want to let people know.  Can I record an out-of-office greeting without recording over my usual greeting?  Yes.  Once you are in your voice mailbox (at the initial, main menu, press 47 and record your greeting.  The greeting will automatically turn on. (see Out-of-Office Greeting for more options)

My out-of-office greeting is on; how do I turn it off?  Once you are in your voice mailbox (at the initial, main menu, press 4.  Your standard greeting will be heard by callers.

I don’t want to listen to an entire voice mail greeting.  How do I bypass a greeting to leave a message?  Press # to bypass a greeting.

How do I transfer a call to another voice mailbox?

Press the Inquiry key
Dial 3600
Enter the voice mailbox (extension) number receiving the call
Press #
Press the Transfer key.
The caller will hear the mailbox greeting and be able to leave a message.

How do I move between menu options?  Press * once or more to move back out of sub-menus and return to the main menu.

If two or more people share an extension can we have separate mailboxes?  Yes, if you have asked Telephone Services to set this feature for you.  When callers reach the voice mailbox system, they are given an option to leave a private message for an individual, e.g. "for Mary, press 1", for Jack, press 2", etc.

How do I change the order of the messages?  To change between FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) basis, dial 1 6 2 5 and select your preference.

last update:  October 8, 2014

Telephone Services

Telephone Services provides land line voice services to faculty and staff including the main campus, Bread Loaf campus in Ripton, as well as the Old Courthouse, Painter House, the Marble Works, and 700 Exchange Street offices in Middlebury.

College Telephone Services - A Summary

Calls:  Incoming and Outgoing

Conference Calls

Voice Mail

Faculty & Staff

Academic Year Students

Language Schools Dormitory Service

Cellular Telephone Service

Emergency Notification System

Emergency Calls

Contact us at 802-443-5700 or telecom@middlebury.edu.  We may be found in Davis Family Library, suite 125

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