I need something for my project that wasn’t listed in the grant budget awarded—can I charge it to the grant?

You probably can, but first you must check with the SRO, CFR, or the Grants Accounting Office. If your grant allows the College to authorize the expenditure, fill out an OPAS form to request the budget changes from the Grants Accounting Office.

Organizational Prior Approval System (OPAS)

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Funding agencies have delegated increasingly expanded authority to institutions to approve certain administrative actions. These agencies require grantees to assure that adequate institutional reviews and approvals are in place for decisions that affect the management of federally supported projects. All approvals must be documented. To provide these assurances, Middlebury College has established the Organizational Prior Approval System.


Grant-related forms fall into two general categories: internal forms, required by Middlebury College, and donor application forms, required by the funding entity.

Middlebury College Forms are used to document grant-related institutional issues.