Drugs and Alcohol: Policies, Laws, and Resources

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To Members of the Middlebury College Community:

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 requires that the College annually notify all students, faculty, and staff of the following:

*Middlebury College’s standards of conduct, which prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on College property or in connection with any activities or programs sponsored by the College.

Alcohol Policies

The use of alcohol on campus is strictly regulated by Vermont state law.

The College maintains state liquor licenses for the following venues where alcohol may be served:

2.12 Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing for Employees with a Work-required CDL

Purpose: Middlebury College values the health and safety of its employees. The College also adheres to DOT requirements for those employees who hold a commercial driver's license as part of their position responsibilities for travel within the state. Such employees are subject to the controlled substance and alcohol testing rules.

Sleep Habits

Good sleep hygiene may help promote restful sleep. Here are some tips that may be useful and may be a tremendous influence on a good night's sleep: