Athletes and Eating Issues

Athletes and Eating Disorders

Being a college athlete requires a tremendous amount of personal commitment. There are unique pressures and demands placed on college athletes. Both you and others expect you to "always do your best." Your coach and teammates depend on you. Often hundreds of people are watching your performance at athletic competitions. Practices and sporting events take a great deal of time, yet you are also expected and required to successfully handle the same rigorous academic schedule as other Middlebury students. The intensity of the demand of this combination, of both academic and athletic performances, is very significant and stressful. Sometimes these demands can result in self doubt, a troubling sense of inadequacy and/or heightened anxiety and the decision to "do whatever it takes" to be successful. Too frequently, "whatever it takes" may include an unrealistic goal regarding weight control, weight loss, or achieving a percentage of body fat that is lower than what your body can realistically maintain. Click the link above for more information.

Athletes and Weight Loss

If you are considering trying to lose weight, it is strongly recommended that you do so only after consultation with, and under the supervision of, a health professional or trainer. A personal consultation with an appropriate professional can help you set realistic weight loss goals and is your best assurance of designing a weight loss plan which is appropriate for you and which will be safe and effective. Click the link above for more information.

Low Energy Athlete Prevention Guidance

All female athletes intending to participate in Middlebury College intercollegiate Athletics programs will be expected to maintain normal or positive energy availability, and participate in a simple low energy availability screening program (Low Energy Athlete Prevention or L.E.A.P.). Clink the link above for more information.


Intercollegiate Athletes Health Forms

Instructions for Intercollegiate Athletes, Club Rugby and Club Crew 

Students planning to participate in intercollegiate sports at any level (Varsity or JV) or Club Rugby or Club Crew must complete the required  Middlebury College Student Health Form.  In addition, you must comply with NCAA rules and requirements of the Department of Sports Medicine. The information below will guide you through this process.

Your health care provider must complete and sign the Entrance History and Physical Exam and the Activity Clearance pages on the Student Health Form. 

Return the completed Student Health Form to the following address:

Parton Center for Health and Wellness
First Floor
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753


NCAA 6-month Rule

Your physical exam must meet the NCAA 6-Month Rule. Athletic physicals are not provided by Parton Health Service or the Department of Sports Medicine. Completing the Student Health Form before the deadline and following team instructions will allow most students to meet this rule. More information is available at:

NCAA Rule on Sickle Cell Trait Testing

Beginning in August 2013, new NCAA legislation requires that schools must confirm the sickle cell trait status of incoming student-athletes before participation in intercollegiate athletics. More information is available at:

NCAA rule on medical exceptions for banned substances, including ADD/ ADHD medications

Students athletes must comply with the NCAA rule on medical exceptions for banned substances, including medications for stimulants used to treat ADHD/ ADD, male-pattern baldness, peptide hormones (human growth hormone), and anabolic steroids (testosterone).  The student athlete must have on-file at the college complete documentation including a letter signed by the prescribing physician that includes all pertinent physical and psychological tests related to the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Information will be sent to you from your coach with instructions on how to comply with this rule.  More information is available at:

NCAA Annual Health Update and Sickle Cell Form

Every student trying out for an intercollegiate, varsity or JV program and club rugby and crew must complete the NCAA Annual Health Update and Sickle Cell process. These forms are available in the student health portal. Information about setting up a student portal account and completing the clearance process is available at this link: