Grant-seeking Resources at Middlebury College

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP) is responsible for supporting all grant-related activities at Middlebury.

Sponsored Research and Faculty-initiated grants

The mission of Sponsored Research staff is to ensure that the College and its faculty are positioned to submit grant proposals to the federal government and other sponsors. We support an engaged and active faculty by providing advice and assistance at all stages of grant-seeking and grant administration. Our highest priorities are responding to faculty working on grant proposals with impending deadlines and dealing with time-sensitive issues related to grant administration and academic program development. We also oversee institutional endorsement procedures, monitor College compliance with sponsor requirements, and provide support to the academic administration with initiatives related to academic program enhancement, science planning, and compliance responsibilities. If you work for the College and have an idea for a proposal, please contact us.

Corporate & Foundation Relations - Institutional grants

The mission of Corporate and Foundation Relations staff is to obtain philanthropic support for College initiatives through the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of foundations, corporations, and federal agencies. To do this, we proactively seek resources to support priority programs defined by senior leadership, while being opportunistic and agile in supporting other initiatives and programs as time and resources permit.  If you have an idea for an institutional proposal, please contact us.

Grants Accounting Office - Financial administration for all grants

Academic Administration

Forms for internal funding (including FPDF and FRAF), leave program policies and guidelines, and information related to programs administered by the Dean for Faculty

  • Jim Ralph, Dean for Faculty Development & Research: x5320  (Davis Family Library, CTLR, Room 225C) -- all funding for faculty development including the leave program
  • Suzanne Gurland, Dean of Curriculum: x5909, x5323 (Old Chapel/ McCardell Bicentennial Hall)
  • Steve Trombulak, Director of the Sciences: x5439 (Hillcrest/ McCardell Bicentennial Hall)
  • Pieter Broucke, Director of the Arts: x5227 (Mahaney Center for the Arts)
  • Andi Lloyd, Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty  x5908 (Old Chapel)
  • Lynn Dunton, Budget Coordinator for Academic Affairs:   x3085 (Old Chapel)

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

For all research that involves human subjects

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

For all research that involves animals

Undergraduate Research Office (URO)

For students participating in research

Center For Teaching, Learning and Research

Many support services for students and faculty

Other resources



Many options are available to fund your next project. These lists include some of the major external funding sources.

Major Federal Sources
Other Major Sources
Leave Funding Ideas

Tip: Don't overlook Google!

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs also subscribes to SPIN, a powerful online grants database, and sends emails with targeted grant information to faculty who sign up for them.

Search SPIN

Get Funding Opportunities (INFO) emails

Printed grant directories are also available at the OGSP office and in the Main Library reference collection.

Looking for FPDF, FRAF, and other funding options through Middlebury College? Click here.


Ask Franci Farnsworth, x5889

Corporate and Foundation Relations

The mission of Corporate and Foundation Relations (C&FR) is to obtain philanthropic support for College initiatives through the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of foundations, corporations, and government agencies. To do this, the office will proactively seek grants and gifts to support priority programs defined by senior leadership, while being opportunistic and agile in supporting other initiatives and programs.

There are many ways for corporations and foundations to support Middlebury’s mission to provide students with the best education possible, such as providing support for:

  • Academic programs
  • Student life initiatives
  • Facilities and Equipment support and donations
  • Scholarships
  • Consortial initiatives

We invite foundations and corporations to peruse our academic department websites to see the exciting and novel programs offered at Middlebury; many of these initiatives would not be possible without external support. Some examples of grant supported programs include:

Bread Loaf Teacher Network - A network of teachers educated at Bread Loaf School of English and supported during the academic year by Bread Loaf staff and faculty. The Network’s primary goal is to encourage year-round collaboration among Bread Loaf teachers, faculty, and their students on innovative online projects designed to promote culturally sensitive and transformative literacy; learn about the Bread Loaf Teacher Network here.

C3 – Creating Connections Consortium - A partnership to strengthen diversity and innovation through enhanced interactions between liberal arts colleges and research universities. A three-year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation enables the member-schools of the Liberal Arts Diversity Officers Organization (LADO) to establish a formalized, reciprocal relationship with the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University. The grant will enable five strategies for developing diverse and talented candidates (students and faculty);

Language in Motion – The five-year Language in Motion program, funded by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, provides the opportunity for Middlebury students who have studied abroad, those who are senior-level language learners, and Middlebury’s international students to find meaningful ways to share their international experiences with others. LiM offers an opportunity for such students to reflect on life and culture in other countries and to share their foreign language skills with local teachers and students who are eager to learn about the world outside of rural Vermont.

Please contact us for more information or discuss exciting funding opportunities that align with your foundation or corporate philanthropic interests.


Sponsored Research and Faculty Grants

OGSP's Sponsored Research staff support proposals to fund individual research and curricular projects. We offer:

INFO: Middlebury faculty members, please sign up here to receive Information Notices of Funding Opportunities by interest group.

Finding funding: We offer help identifying and targeting potential sources of support.

Grant budget and proposal preparation: This website offers lots of information about budgets, proposals, and College policies and procedures related to grants. We offer help developing your budget and proposal. The SRO staff also holds grant-writing workshops throughout the year.

 Proposal submission: We facilitate the Grant Proposal Endorsement ("blue sheet") process, review proposals to be sure they meet College and sponsor requirements, and work with faculty and the Director of Grants & Contract Administration to submit proposals.

Publicity: We work with faculty to ensure that grants are announced in MiddPoints and posted on this site. If you want a printed annual report of faculty grants, please call us.

Post-award assistance: We work with faculty and the office of Grants & Contracts Administration to help manage awards, ensure compliance with College and federal regulations, and oversee reporting for faculty grants administered by Middlebury.

OGSP's Corporate and Foundation Relations staff offers information and assistance with institutional grants, from proposal writing through final reporting.


Faculty Grants


Byers, Jeff.  "Radical Reactions of Arene-Metal Complexes" NSF-RUI, 2009, $225,000.

M.S. Costanza-Robinson. RUI: Measurement and Microtomographic Imaging of the Air-Water Interface in Unsaturated Porous Media Supplement. National Science Foundation Geosciences Hydrology Program, November 2009-2010, $9,700.


Trubek, A. (PI, University of Vermont) with Almena-Aliste, M. (UVM); Costanza-Robinson, M. S. (Middlebury); Elder, J. (Midd); Munroe, J. (Midd). "The Taste of Place-Maple Syrup Project". Cornelius King Charitable Trust, January-December 2008, $20,000.

Larrabee, James. "Acquisition of Spectropolarimeter for Circular Dichroism and Magnetic Circular Dichroism", NSF/MRI, 2008, $76,748.


Bunt, Rick. "Hammett Studies of P,N-Chiral Ligands." American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund, September 2007-2010, $55,000.

Bunt, Rick. "Hammett Studies of P,N-Chiral Ligands."
National Science Foundation (NSF-RUI, CHE-0714541), August 2007-2010, ($146,000)

M. S. Costanza-Robinson. "RUI: Measurement and Microtomographic Imaging of the Air-Water Interface in Unsaturated Porous Media." National Science Foundation, September 2007-2010, $200,000.

M. S. Costanza-Robinson. "Microtomographic Imaging of the Air-Water Interfacial Area in Unsaturated Porous Media." American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, Type GB, September 2007-2009, $40,000.


Costanza-Robinson, Molly. "Xe-enhanced Synchrotron X-ray Computer-assisted Microtomography of Porous Media". Vermont Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, June 2006-February 2007, $9,383.

Costanza-Robinson, Molly.  Menking, Kirsten (project coordinator), and 14 participating faculty members. "A Watershed Research Consortium for Undergraduate Institutions". Mellon Cluster Awards, Inter-institutional Initiative. May 2006 - September, 2007, $44,675.

Larrabee, Jim.  NSF/RUI, CHE-0554083, "Determination of  
Magnetic Exchange Coupling in Carboxylate-Bridged Binuclear Co(II) by Magnetic Circular Dichroism", 2006-2009, $180,000

Cluss, Robert.  NIH IDeA Network of Research Excellence   (INBRE) proposal (through the University of Vermont) -          6/1/06-5/31/07  ( $74,650) "Cytopathic Effect of Borrelia burgdorferi Exoproteins Oms28 and Enolase" (in review).

Sandwick, Roger.  American Chemical Society-Petroleum 
Research Fund 09/1/06 - 8/31/09 ($50,000) "A Characterization of the Kinetics and Mechanisms of 
the Reaction of Ribose 5-Phosphate and Amino Acids"


Bunt, Rick, Byers, Jeff. Vermont-EPSCOR 1/1/05 ($24,900)  "Purchase of a solvent purification system"

Byers, Jeff.  NSF-MRI 2005 ($200,000) "Acquisition of an LC/MS System"

Choi, Sunhee. NSF-RUI (#0450060) 3/1/05-6/30/08 ($200,000) "Mechanism and Kinetics of Oxidation of Guanosine Derivatives by Pt(IV) Complexes"

Choi, Sunhee. Vt Genetics Network 6/1/05-5/31/06 ($50,916) 
"Mechanism of Oxidation of DNA by Pt(IV) Compelxes"

Sandwick, Roger.  NIH-NCRR-INBRE VGN Program 06/01/05 - 
05/01/06 ($71,666)  "The Maillard Reaction between 
Ribose 5-Phosphate and Cellular Amines"

Costanza-Robinson, Molly (Senior Collaborator), M.L. Brusseau (PI). "Measurement and Three-dimensional Imaging of Air-Water Interfacial Areas in Unsaturated Porous Media". USDA National Research Initiatives. September 1, 2004 - September 1, 2007: $307,812.


Byers, Jeff. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Central Research 4/1/04 ($5000) "Support of an undergraduate summer research assistant"

Choi, Sunhee. Mellon Foundation Career Advancement Award 9/1/04-8/31/05 ($25,000) Joint with Kerry Kraukstis (Havery Mudd), Miriam Rossi (Vassar), Laura Wright (Furman) and Bridget Gourley (De Pauw) "Advancing the Careers of Senior Women Chemistry Faculty through a Horizontal Peer Network"

Choi, Sunhee. Vt Genetics Network (#1003) 5/15/04-6/30/04 ($10,000) "Mechanism of Oxidation of 8-Oxo-G by Pt(IV) Complexes"

Cluss, Robert.  NIH BRIN award (through the Vermont Genetics Network, The University of Vermont). To Brooke Gardner ('06) - "Biochemical Characterization of the Enolase Secreted by Borrelia burgdorferi" $5,000.

Sandwick, Roger. NIH-NCRR-BRIN VGN Program 5/15/04 - 6/30/04 ($10,000) "The Maillard and Amadori Reactions of Ribose 5-Phosphate"

Sandwick, Roger.  5/15/04 - 6/30/04 ($7,800) NIH-NCRR-BRIN VGN Program "A Stability Study of Phosphoribosamine"


Bunt, Rick.  National Institutes of Health (NIH-AREA), 2003-2006 ($137,971) "Mechanism of Base-Flipping by DNA Modifying Enzymes"

Bunt, Rick.  Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Sarah S. Goodwin 2003 ($5,000)

Byers, Jeff. NSF-RUI 7/03-6/06 ($300,000) "Transition Metal Templated Radical Reactions"

Byers, Jeff. Vermont-EPSCOR 6/03-8/03 ($8,900) "Radical Chemistry of Cyclobutadiene Iron Tricarbonyl"


Bunt, Rick.  Vermont Genetics Network (NIH-BRIN) 2002-2003, ($20,000)  Partial Sabbatical Leave Support for "Altering the Rate of Base Flipping in DNA"

Byers, Jeff. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Central Research 3/02($5000) "Support of an undergraduate summer research assistant"

Choi, Sunhee. ACS-PRF (37874-B3) 7/02-6/05 ($50,000) "Mechanism of Oxidation of DNA by Pt(IV) Complexes"

Choi, Sunhee. Vt Genetics Network (#3038) 6/02-8/03 ($20,000) "Mechanism of Oxidation of DNA by Pt(IV) Complexes"

Cluss, Robert.  AAAS/Merck Chemical Foundation -  To Middlebury College. "New Frontiers in the Molecular Sciences" Support for Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a Summer Visiting Scientist Lecture Series $60,000 over three years.

Cluss, Robert.  NIH BRIN award (through the Vermont Genetics Network, The University of Vermont). "Characterization of the Predicted 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA Reductase of Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme Disease Spirochete".  $10,000.


Bunt, Rick.  American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund, Type G, 2001-2004 ($25,000) "Probing the Electronic Origins of Chiral Ligand Asymmetry in Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic-Alkylation Reactions"

Bunt, Rick.  Cottrell College Science Award from Research Corporation, 2001-2005 ($41,381) "Probing the Electronic Origins of Chiral Ligand Asymmetry in Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic-Aklylation Reactions"

Byers, Jeff. ACS Organic Division 6/01 ($600) "To Attend the 37th National Organic Symposium, Bozeman, MT.


Bunt, Rick.  Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Agnes Makingwe 2000 ($5,000)

Bunt, Rick.  VT EPSCoR Award, 2000 ($5,000)  "Electronic Control of Chiral Ligand Asymmetry"

Byers, Jeff. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Central Research 3/00 ($5000) "Support of an undergraduate summer research assistant"


Choi, Sunhee. NIH-AREA (1R15 CA82145-01) 7/99-6/03 ($101,920) "Mechanistic Study of Pt(IV) Anticancer Complexes"


Bunt, Rick.  Camille and Henry Dreyfus Faculty Start-up Grant, 1998-2003 ($20,000) "The Mechanism of Base-Flipping in DNA Repair Enzymes,"

Byers, Jeff. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Central Research 3/98 ($5000) "Support of an undergraduate summer research assistant"

Byers, Jeff. NSF-RUI. 4/98-5/01 ($139,400) "Radical Aromatic Substitution via Atom-Transfer Addition"

Byers, Jeff. ACS-PRF Type B. 4/98 ($30,000) "Radical Aromatic Substitution via Atom-Transfer Addition"



Byers, Jeff. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Central Research 3/96 ($5000) "Support of an undergraduate summer research assistant"

Choi, Sunhee. NIH-AREA (1R15 CA67217-01A1) 6/96-5/99 ($122,197) "Mechanistic Study of Pt(IV) Anticancer Complexes"


Choi, Sunhee. ACS-PRF (28563-B3) 6/95-8/98 ($ 25,000) "Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies on the Antitumor Activity of Pt(IV) Complexes"

Byers, Jeff. VT-EPSCOR 9/95 ($10,000) "Partial support of sabbatical during 1995-96 academic year"


Grant Seeking Guidelines

1.   As part of the leave application due on August 1 faculty will prepare a plan for seeking outside funding, a list of external sources that appear suitable for funding their project, indicating those for which they plan to apply. Faculty are expected to apply to any such external sources for which they are eligible, normally at least three, in particular to those sources that may cover at least 20% of salary and/or provide support for relocation costs.

Faculty should seek grants that fit their projects, their needs, and their situations.  They are not required to alter their leave projects to make them more fundable nor to relocate in order to avail themselves of a grant opportunity. It may be the case that faculty are only able to apply to fewer than three sources, for legitimate reasons.  In such cases, faculty must document their efforts to find outside funding or to make arrangements which support their work in some way while they are on leave. Faculty may need to explain why some sources appear appropriate but are not (e.g., you are ineligible, residency is required where you don't want to reside, the agency does not fund your type of project, etc.), or to explain what arrangements you have made relating to your leave project (e.g., invitations from potential host institutions, outlines for books or initial contacts with publishers, etc.). In determining whether faculty have fulfilled their obligations under the leave program, the Dean for Faculty Development and Research will consider all efforts to secure grants for leave salary, affiliations, publishing contracts, travel funding, or grants for research expenses. The plan for seeking outside funding forms the basis for determining whether all external funding sources have been "exhausted." Faculty are expected to submit updated or revised plans for seeking outside funding during the fall as new information becomes available or as their leave plans change.

2.   When faculty apply for outside funding, it is to be understood and stated that the College guarantees a level of salary support amounting to 55% for full-year leaves, 75% for semester plus Winter Term leaves. When faculty apply for small grants it is appropriate to advise the sponsor that the College leave policy guarantees the minimums indicated above.  Faculty on full year leaves should make every effort to apply for grants that could fund up to 45% of salary.  Faculty who apply for grants to fund a portion of their approved leave period should pro-rate their funding requests accordingly.  Contact Franci Farnsworth at ext. 5889 for assistance in budgeting for grants.

3.   Faculty submitting grant proposals to sources that will provide the funding directly to the College or to sources that require the signature of an officer of the College on the application must follow normal College procedures and circulate a Grant Proposal Endorsement Form (blue sheet), prior to submitting their proposals. Contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs for details about the endorsement process, and allow two weeks before your grant deadline to get the necessary signatures. Signature requirements for this form may be waived or modified by the Dean for Faculty Development and Research or Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs depending on the circumstances. The signature of the department certifies that the proposed project is consistent with departmental and College research objectives and policy, that space and facilities for effective performance are available, and that the individual initiating the proposal and such other personnel as may be required will be available without interference with their academic duties and will be able to perform the research effectively.  E-mail signatures are accepted.

Yellow Leave Notification Form: Faculty submitting proposals to sources that will fund them directly must complete the yellow notification form (available as an interactive form or as a pdf) and send it to the Dean for Faculty Development and Research with a cover sheet or an electronic receipt for the proposal.  It is not necessary to include a copy of the proposal.

4.   Once faculty have submitted grant proposals to all the sources listed in their plan for seeking outside funding and the Dean of the Faculty receives confirmation that the applications have indeed been submitted (a copy of an electronic receipt or the cover sheet is adequate), they become eligible for maximum College funding; actual College funding for leaves will be determined after the results of all grant applications are known. For any possible increase in College funding, it is important to send to the Dean for Faculty Development and Research a copy of the approved budget from the grantor as soon as you receive it.

Please note: Per IRS rules, the College can provide retirement benefits (ie, contributions into the retirement plan) only on the portion of salary paid through the College payroll.  That is, if you will receive 80% of your salary for the year you are on leave, retirement benefits will be calculated on that amount.  If you have been awarded a grant that provides supplemental salary and includes reimbursement for "fringe benefits" and the funds are disbursed through the College payroll, you will receive retirement benefits on the total amount of salary you receive.  If however, a supplemental grant you receive does not include reimbursement for "fringe benefits" and the funds are disbursed through the College payroll, your retirement benefits will be calculated on the salary portion promised by Middlebury.  Alternatively, if you have received a grant and the funds come directly to you, no benefits will be provided by Middlebury on those funds; you may choose to have a portion of the grant disbursed through College payroll in order to receive retirement benefits on 80% of your salary.

Exhibit of early Renaissance art, curated by faculty member, opens in September

Katy Smith Abbott (History of Art and Architecture, Associate Dean of the College) has curated an exhibit of early Renaissance art that will open at the Middlebury College Museum of Art on September 18, 2009. "The Art of Devotion: Panel Painting in Early Renaissance Italy" brings together paintings and sculptures from 10 different American collections. A full-color catalogue will be published in conjunction with the exhibit, with contributions by Smith Abbott and other scholars. The exhibit is underwritten in part by the Samuel Kress Foundation, the Robert Lehman Foundation, and the Middlebury College Arts Council.