Share series of audio files (i.e. podcast)

What it is:

If you have a lot of audio files you want to share with others, one of the best ways to do this is by means of a podcast.  A Podcast is a series of audio (or video) files that are accessible via RSS.  Watch the video below for more details.

Really any series of audio files can be made available as a podcast including class lectures and language learning resources.  Podcasts are appropriate for audio that you want to share publicly.

What you need:

Easiest way to create a podcast is to first create a web site using a tools that supports RSS such as a blog.

How you do it:

Once you have a site with RSS, then all you need to do is add a post or content block to the site and upload an audio file.  Create new posts or content blocks for each additional audio file.

Tips and suggestions:

Summarize your audio: Use your blog post to summarize the audio that is included with it

see: Recording/editing/formatting audio

Case Studies

Podcasting Lectures (James Morrison)


Alumni and students collaborate to create new radio theater podcast and website

Recent graduate Stefan Claypool '09 has collaborated with other alumni and current students to launch Escape Pod X, a radio theater podcast and serialized anthology about a character traveling the galaxy. The project was born out of the Middlebury Radio Theater of Thrills and Suspense (Mr|Tots), a popular radio theater program hosted by WRMC 91.1FM, the college radio station, and syndicated by other college radio stations around the country. Radio Theater at Middlebury started in 2005 with the class of 2009.

Staff member creates podcasts of bellydance music

Arabella Holzapfel works in the library at Middlebury, and one of her pastimes is producing a podcast of bellydance music: an eclectic mix of mostly Middle Eastern music, but also African, South American, and electronic and dance beats. The most recent "episode" of the podcast was downloaded more than 19,000 times by people around the world; there are a total of nearly 85,000 downloads of the eight episodes she's produced so far. "I'm sure that without the support and general ambience of being employed at a place with so much emphasis on international cultures and technology," Holzapfel says, "I would never have even thought of doing this."