Middlebury's Many Voices

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Individual threads are interwoven to create whole cloth that is completely different from the threads that make it. The individual threads give strength, character, and complexity to the cloth.



Way Beyond Labels

Our students, faculty, and staff come from backgrounds as diverse as there are human fingerprints. There are nearly 4,000 people studying and working here. We come from more than 75 countries and untold numbers of ethnicities, religions, and economic circumstances.

Among us are world travelers, artists, teenagers, grandparents, gays, lesbians, entrepreneurs, activists, ardent peacemakers, cracker-jack mechanics, linguists, scientists, and much more.

At Middlebury our concept of diversity goes way beyond the usual statistics often used to “measure” diversity. Those measures (labels, really) only tell part of the story. It can be tempting to use labels to intellectualize diversity—study it, talk about it, and hold symposiums about it.

But true diversity defies the intellect. It comes, instead, from our willingness to welcome others into our lives and to be challenged by knowing them—and the unique voice they bring to our community adds richness and texture to it.