Multilingual and ESL Support

CTLR is committed to supporting students who are non-native speakers of English. Peer writing tutors are given training and resources for working specifically with ESL students. 

Although Middlebury does not have an intensive English acquisition or ESL program, it does offer language support in a number of ways: The Writing Program offers a First-Year Seminar and Writing Workshop courses (WRPR 0100 & WRPR 0101). In addition, CTLR offers optional workshops in reading, writing, and speaking, as well as individual sessions with peer tutors and writing faculty. CTLR also collaborates with staff and faculty across the campus to support students within their programs of study.

Engaging in Class DiscussionAcademic Speaking: Class Discussion and Presentations
 Top 60 WordsAcademic English Vocabulary: Top 60 Words

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For individual Multilingual Student Support, please contact Hector J. Vila, PhD (hvila@middlebury.edu).

(Appointments with professional writing tutors can be made online or by contacting CTLR)