Transitioning to College Academics

Students who were very successful in high school often face challenges as they transition to the academic life at a competitive college.

The Office of Learning Resources assists students in fully utilizing their learning opportunities and in developing and refining the skills needed for academic excellence in the 21st century.

Academic Decisions in Sophomore Year

"Good advising is an important aspect of good teaching. The goal of the departments and individuals mentioned here [in the  Faculty Advising Guide] is to provide you with the resources you need to be a good adviser. Through our collective mentorship, we can realize the mission of the College - to educate students in the traditions of the liberal arts in an environment which reflects a commitment to excellence."
--Karl Lindholm

BannerWeb for Faculty

Faculty can access course and grade rosters, advisee lists, as well as enter overrides and approvals of course restrictions for students during web registration.