Spring Term 2014 Ensemble Performances

Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble Dance Night
March 7, 8 pm

Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble
51 Main
April 4, 8 pm

Middlebury Bach Festival
April 25 - 27

African Music and Dance Ensemble
April 30, 8 pm

Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble
May 3, 8 pm

Jazz Showcase
May 8, 8 pm

Jazz Workshop


The Jazz Workshop provides a weekly opportunity for jazz students to work on repertoire development, jazz idiom and theory, improvisation and playing in small groups.  It is open to any competent musician; previous jazz experience is not necessary.  .


Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble


Jazz Activities

Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble in action


Jazz program is alive and well at Middlebury

The Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble completed its third full year under Dick Forman’s direction, and its second year as a Music Department performance ensemble. Twenty one students participated. The band offered five performances this year, including a town-gown dance at the Town Hall Theater in April.

Fifteen students performed in the Spring Jazz Showcase. Combos that formed in the Jazz Workshop performed regularly at the Grille, and occasionally at 51 Main.