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Vegetable Basket

The Middlebury College Organic Farm (MCOF) is a student organization that maintains a plot of fruits and vegetables. The produce we grow reflects a balance between efficient, profitable crops and more labor intensive, less productive crops grown for educational purposes.

Middlebury Alumni in the Food Industry

Even though Middlebury College is a liberal arts school without an agricultural program, we have several alumni who have founded or presently manage some of the nation's most innovative farms:

Get Involved!



During the school year, Middlebury students can attend MCOF meetings every Sunday. To join the club’s email list and stay updated about garden events, email mcof@middlebury.edu.

Farm Reports



The Garden Manager publishes a report at the end of each growing season.

History of the Farm

The Middlebury College Organic Farm (MCOF) is a relatively new addition to the college that began with the vision and enthusiasm of just a few individuals.  Below you can find a brief time-line of MCOF's history.

About Us

The Middlebury College Organic Farm provides students and other members of the college and town with the opportunity to participate in and learn about agriculture.

Our mission is to promote awareness of issues surrounding food production by:

Professor and students look at effects of landscape on pollinators

Helen Young (Biology) and her students have recently been exploring the effects of landscape on pollinator: How does the presence of forest around a field affect the number and diversity of bee pollinators? What about corn fields? Or roads and rivers and cities? This work has strong relevance in Addison County, an area heavily reliant on agriculture for its well-being.