Recombinant DNA

No work with recombinant DNA can be done at Middlebury College without either review by the College’s Institutional Biosafety Committee or a statement, signed by the PI, certifying that the rDNA used in his or her research is exempt from IBC review. This statement must cite the section(s) of the NIH Guidelines that pertain to the research and must specify why the PI believes that the research is exempt from review.

Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988

This federal certification requirement, designed to prevent individuals and institutions from receiving federal funding unless they have a drug-free workplace policy, applies to all federal grants and (with rare exceptions) to federal contracts for $25,000 or more. It applies to controlled substances as defined in 21 CFR 1308, but not to alcohol. Middlebury College must:

Delinquency on Federal Debt

This federal assurance/certification requirement, designed to prevent people and organizations from benefiting from federal programs while delinquent in repaying other federal programs, applies to all federal funding. For individuals, the assurance is usually provided by checking a box on a proposal application form. For institutional awards, the institution must certify that it is not delinquent.

If an individual or institution is found to be delinquent, funding could be withheld or reduced by the delinquent amount.

Debarment and Suspension

This federal certification requirement, designed to prevent fraudulent or improper use of government funds, applies to all grants and cooperative agreements and to most contracts. Applicants must certify that they, their principals, and their researchers:

Do I need approval from the College to buy equipment for my project?

Yes. You’ll need to fill out the equipment section of your blue sheet. Include unit cost, maintenance provisions, and installation requirements.

What do I do with my blue sheet?

What you do with your blue sheet depends on whether you are applying for the first time, asking for a renewal, applying for a supplement, or revising your budget. To find out what procedure applies to your situation, check here.


Do I have the most recent version of the blue sheet?

Yes, if it looks exactly like the one you can download here. This form changes from time to time, so don’t use the one you downloaded last year—download a new one!


Whose signatures do I need on the blue sheet for a budget revision?

You need signatures from anyone who needs to know about revisions that entail additional or changed equipment, revised cost-share, major changes in scope, or changes in other compliance requirements. For more details, click here.


I’m just revising my budget – do I need a blue sheet?

My department chair isn’t available to sign my blue sheet – can someone else sign it?

Yes, an appropriate senior academic administrator can sign in lieu of your department chair. Usually that’s the Dean of Faculty Development and Research. If you’re in doubt, or the DFDR isn’t available, contact us.


What’s a “blue sheet”? Where can I get one?

The blue sheet is the College’s Grant Proposal Endorsement Form, which certifies for the Director of Grants & Contract Administration that your budget and draft proposal have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate College personnel. You can download it here. If you prefer to get a hard copy, please contact us.


Internal Endorsement Procedure

Middlebury's internal endorsement procedure uses the grant proposal Endorsement Form (formerly known as the “blue sheet”) to collect information about proposals for external funding and to document compliance with college and sponsor policies and federal regulations.

Looking for a "blue sheet" form? Click here.