Robert S. Ross

Boston College, Harvard University,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
October 28, 2010
"Rising China: Military Modernization and Power Transitions in East Asia"
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Dennis McGilvray

University of Colorado at Boulder
October 29, 2009
"Sri Lankan Muslims: Between Ethno-nationalism and the Global Ummah"
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Hang Du

Middlebury College
October 7, 2009
"Study Abroad in China: Do Students Become More Fluent?"
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Tsuneo Akaha

Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)
October 2, 2009
"Human Security in East Asia: Embracing Global Norms through Regional Cooperation in Human Trafficking, Labor Migration, and HIV/AIDS"
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Naazneen Barma

Public Sector Specialist, The World Bank
March 13, 2009
"Challenges of Development in East Asia"

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