Vermont farm stories

Students collected photos and interviews for a Vermont Folklife Center exhibition.

The Program in Studio Art is dedicated to teaching liberal arts students to express themselves in the plastic arts through visual media. Our program welcomes all Middlebury students: from those who wish to sample small experiences in studio-art, as well as students making studio-art the central focus of their studies.Our faculty is comprised of distinguished artists devoted to the idea that creativity, imaginative thinking, and personal expression are vitally important in the lives of all people.

French School Photos from Vermont and California

French School Photos (good quality) Plus Middlebury at Mills Photos

Spanish School Photos

Spanish School Photos: Username/Pass



Italian School Photos 2008 and 2009

Italian School photos from 2008 and 2009. Parties, soccer, and theater.

A Middlebury's Flowers in Photographs

Summer language school student shows off his excellent nature photography of Middlebury's flowers.