Anthropology is the study of people: past and present.  Crossing the boundaries between the humanities and the sciences, anthropology considers what it is to be human.  Some anthropologists examine the evolution of our biological family or the ways in which humans communicate.  Others explore the behaviors of peoples, societies, and cultures worldwide or across millennia.  However, all anthropologists concern themselves with the variety and unity of humanity.  Anthropologists create a global picture of the human experience and use that picture to solve contemporary problems.  In order to cr

Sociologists and anthropologists study the social structures and cultural categories that form the basis for collective life. We examine the order and meaning in human societies as well as the contradictions that produce patterns of conflict and change. Large forces for social reproduction—economic and technological transformations, political upheavals, cultural change, race and gender relations, deviance and social control, communicative practices, social movements, and inequality—are the focus of our department.