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Hyperion System 9.3 Bugs

Email Invalid Characters

  • During the scheduling of jobs and configuration of parameters, spaces are no longer supported as escaped characters.  This is a known bug.

This was noticed when adding users to received emailed output.   Previously, a space was accepted between email usernames (user@middlebury.edu; user2@middlebury.edu).  However, if you attempt to save the parameters with the space, Hyperion will erase the names you entered.   This is only an issue when editing existing parameters or creating new ones.  There should be no impact on existing jobs so long as you do not need to make changes to them.   Until there is a patch for it, do not use spaces between email addresses or other parameters.

Cycle Name Invalid Characters

  • Special characters (&%$@# etc) are no longer supported for cycle names.  Oracle is researching if this is a bug.

Existing cycles with special characters will continue to work.  However, if you need to make a change to the cycle or create a new cycle you will have to remove the special characters in order to save.

What password do I use for Hyperion?

Hyperion requires your windows password (the one you first use to log into your computer each morning)

Hyperion queries requires your Banner password.


I'm having trouble running my Hyperion budget reports. Who can help me?

Please e-mail the Budget Office.

Hyperion is the reporting program that is used to interface directly with Banner financial data.

Here are some helpful pointers:

How do I get access to Hyperion?

Click on the link below and fill out the Banner online security request.


Fill out only the sections that apply (where access is needed)

Under the section labeled Hyperion Security Information, make sure you select "yes", in addition to which banner area where access is needed.


Hyperion is our reporting tool that delivers Banner financial data in Excel or an easy-to-share pre-formatted PDF report.

Hyperion mirrors Banner Fund-Org security, so users will see only the Funds and Orgs that they have access to.  Most budget reports present "day old data."  The following links will take you to Hyperion itself, or to various instructions.