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The Carol Rifelj Lecture Series - Spring 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 4:30 p.m.

Marybeth Nevins, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, “Maidu Language Creation Stories in a Shared Californian Landscape.”

Wednesday, April 8, 4:30 p.m. (will be held in Mead Chapel)
Jeff Buettner, Department of Music, with College Chaplains Laurie Jordan, Ira Schiffer, Naila Baloch and Beau Scurich, “One City, Three Faiths, Four Chaplains and a Choir.”

Wednesday, April 22, 4:30 p.m.
Jon Isham, Department of Economics, “Social Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts: Promise and Pitfalls.”

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Chilean Earthquake

On February 26th there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake outside Concepcion, Chile.

All students who have arrived for orientation for the Spring semester are accounted for and are currently in Santiago, about 200 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake, for orientation.

The earthquake and aftershocks were felt in Santiago and there has been some structural damage, including at the airport, which has been closed.  Orientation activities for our students are taking place in a modern hotel in Santiago where there was no structural damage.

We will periodically update this page, as needed.

Find news on a topic

In the context of new media, finding news on a topic is more than visiting the website of a traditional news outlet (e.g., nytimes.com) or checking Google News.  Through RSS, you can subscribe to various news feeds and have the news feeds aggregated by your RSS reader.  Microblogging services have emerged as an important source of real-time news updates.

What you need

RSS reader

Twitter, Facebook, etc. account.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Looking for news from more traditional sources?  Try the Newspapers guide.
  • Looking for electronic newspapers in foreign language?  Try our online subscription to NewspaperDirect.

Alerts Delayed 2 Hrs

DPS creates and distributes Safety Alerts when a specific safety issue arises and requires public notification.  For support and safety reasons, we have located this feed off-site at Google Sites.

Because of this, alerts may be delayed up to 2 hours.  

The Announcements 2 hours or older will be listed below.

New on the Web: Explore what diversity means; find news, blogs, and videos

Two additions to the Middlebury Web site for 2009 are designed to help visitors better understand the importance of diversity at the College, and to provide easier access to news items, videos and other online content.

At the Web site for the Office for Institutional Planning & Diversity (OIPD), you’ll find a link to a new Flash project that offers visitors — in particular, prospective students, faculty and staff — as well as current members of the community a look at what diversity really means at Middlebury. With words, images, video, music, and slide shows, the new site tells the story of the College’s efforts “to make Middlebury a model of what a 21st century liberal arts institution truly should be—a welcoming learning community—and to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive community.”

Also new for 2009 is an updated “News Headlines” page, accessible from the home page. The page includes not only the most recent headlines, but also links to event schedules, College-related videos, blogs by students, faculty and administrators, other online sources of news from on and off campus, and even the local weather.