Using a Peer Writing Tutor or FYS Mentor

Sessions work best

  • When the tutor has a clear idea of the professor’s writing expectations for students,
  • When students in the class see the sessions with the tutor as an important part of the writing process for all students in the class, and
  • When the professor emphasizes the importance of those sessions by making them mandatory.

Best Practices

  • Meet with your peer writing tutor early in the semester or before the beginning of the semester.
  • Give a copy of your class syllabus to your peer writing tutor.

Teaching College Writing Courses

Instructors of writing intensive courses are generally concerned with developing students' ability to examine and present ideas critically and to construct and present coherent arguments.  To this end, an instructor might comment extensively on written work submitted for a grade and provide frequent opportunities for students to discuss their writing, both with him/her and with other class members, thereby  encouraging students to rethink and revise their work.  Discussions of writing may occur during class time or outside

Using Peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors in Your Classes


Tutor and Student