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Group Work


Increasingly, students are asked to undertake assignments and projects in small groups. Research tends to indicate that students working in small groups have better learning outcomes both in quantity of information learned and retention.

Mental Models



Technologies Supporting and Enhancing Models:



Useful Resources:


Examples from the faculty:

Leading Discussion

Complementing lecturing is class discussion. One of the most attractive aspects of a residential liberal arts education is the opportunity to engage with classmates and faculty in small groups for challenging, stimulating and rewarding discussion.

This video from the Bok Center at Harvard introduces some of the recommended practices for conducting an effective conversation.

Teaching Strategies and Complementary Tools

Every instructor has her/his own way of teaching. Often there is no single strategy rather a blend of different ones. Depending on the strategies that you use when teaching, certain technologies are worth considering. The sub-pages of this section describe a variety of teaching strategies and provide information on each.

The Library's Curricular Technology Team has been hard at work developing expanded information about many technological options.  Each teaching strategy page links to relevant information about specific technologies.