How does the Student Teaching Program work?

Students who elect to pursue licensure either in Elementary or Secondary studies apply to the Professional Semester offered each fall semester, and upon acceptance, complete EDST 0410, the student teaching seminar, and EDST 0405-0407, the student teaching practicum in a local school. Students may elect to complete the professional semester either as seniors, or post graduation in a ninth semester.


The initial Vermont Professional License (Level I: Beginning Educator's License) is for a three-year period.

After successful completion of three years of teaching and, on the recommendation of the local standards board, a Level I teacher is eligible for the Level II Professional Educators' License.  The Level II teaching license is renewable every seven years.

Praxis I and II Exams

Praxis I: Academic Skills Assessments Pre-professional Skills Tests (PPST) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

These exams are designed to measure reading, writing, and mathematical skills, skills vital to all teacher candidates. The Reading and Mathematics tests are one-hour multiple-choice tests, while the Writing test includes both a 30-minute multiple choice and a 30-minute essay section.


Computer-Based Tests (CBT) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics


Student Teaching: The Professional Semester

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
Henry Brooks Adams

Teaching and Learning in the Liberal Arts: Constructing Meaningful Connections

The Education Studies Program is grounded in and grows out of the strength and excellence of the Middlebury College liberal arts curriculum. The College's aim has been to educate students in the liberal arts tradition who can bring their learning to bear on practical and significant real-world problems and concerns. In gaining a well-balanced liberal arts education, the Middlebury student majors in a recognized field of inquiry and undertakes a minor in education studies which provides a cross-disciplinary focus on the teaching and learning process.