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South China Sea


Resources for Faculty

FYS Syllabi and Class Sites


Writing and Teaching Retreat

Faculty Retreat


Peer Writing Tutors

Peer Writing Tutors can work with Middlebury students at every phase of the writing process.


The Paul W. Ward '25 Memorial Prize


Ward Prize Certificate



Teaching Resources

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research hosts discussions, round tables, and talks about teaching at Middlebury and beyond. 

The Program for Writing and Rhetoric in the Disciplines promotes the use of writing both in students' learning and in their ability to communicate what they have learned.

Faculty and Staff Professionals

Middlebury College students may meet with faculty and professional staff for Tutoring in Writing, ESOL Support, Quantitative Skills Support, Study Skills, and Time Management.


CTLR Statement  on Tutoring Services



The case study for Middlebury College's January 2003 participation in the Wharton/IRHE Program on Leadership in Higher Education helps articulate a mission for the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research; to integrate a portion of the programs central to teaching and learning at Middlebury and to house them in the new library:

Peer Tutoring and Mentoring

Peer Tutors, Peer Writing Tutors, and FYSE Mentors are Middlebury College students who assist Middlebury students in content areas, writing, oral presentation, time management, and study skills.


Faculty share teaching experiences at the Annual Writing Retreat at Mad River Glen.