Curriculum Resource Center

The Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC), located in the basement of Twilight Hall, Room B-12, is a facility open to teacher education students, liberal arts students, and K-12 teachers and administrators. Access privileges can be obtained by contacting the Director of Education Studies, Gregg Humphrey.

The resources in the Teacher Curriculum Center have been acquired through generous support from Middlebury College, Middlebury College Education Studies, the Middlebury College Library, Goals 2000 grants, and the Addison Central Supervisory Union.

The Teacher Curriculum Center contains books, videos, journals, and other resource materials on state and national standards, teacher education, educational reform and leadership, assessment, multicultural education, curriculum and instruction, language and literacy education, special education, educational foundations, philosophy, educational psychology, and educational technology.

The TCC also contains teacher guides, professional development videos, science and mathematics kits and materials, and art education supplies. The TCC maintains two networked computers, two printers (Epson Stylus Color 777, networked HP LaserJet 4050N), and two scanners.


Teaching and Learning in the Liberal Arts: Constructing Meaningful Connections

The Education Studies Program is grounded in and grows out of the strength and excellence of the Middlebury College liberal arts curriculum. The College's aim has been to educate students in the liberal arts tradition who can bring their learning to bear on practical and significant real-world problems and concerns. In gaining a well-balanced liberal arts education, the Middlebury student majors in a recognized field of inquiry and undertakes a minor in education studies which provides a cross-disciplinary focus on the teaching and learning process. Taken together with distribution requirements in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and foreign languages and cultures, the course work in the major and the education studies minor provide prospective teachers with the analytical framework and content knowledge pivotal to engaging in reflective instruction in the practicum and in their first years of teaching.