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Curriculum Resource Center

The Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC), located in the basement of Twilight Hall, Room B-12, is a facility open to teacher education students, liberal arts students, and K-12 teachers and administrators. Access privileges can be obtained by contacting the Director of Education Studies.

The resources in the Teacher Curriculum Center have been acquired through generous support from Middlebury College, Middlebury College Education Studies, the Middlebury College Library, Goals 2000 grants, and the Addison Central Supervisory Union.

Teaching and Learning in the Liberal Arts: Constructing Meaningful Connections

Mission Statement  (June 2015)

In the Education Studies Program we believe that we must become a more inclusive and just society.  We must honestly name and relentlessly address the educational inequities that we have created and that we sustain as individuals and members of multiple communities. In our formal settings, whether a Kindergarten class or senior seminar at Middlebury, and in our informal interactions with each other, we seek to embody the intellectual understandings, the humility, and empathy essential to this work.